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Reverse Ramadan 2022 for better health. A nutritionist puts 7 tips

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Many studies have recently revealed that the intermittent fasting system, similar to fasting during Ramadan, is a healthy eating pattern capable of promoting health and combating many diseases.

Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya approached Dr. Rasha Salah Muhammad Ali, a researcher at the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at the National Research Center’s Nutrition and Food Industries Research Institute, to ask her how to invest the month of Ramadan to improve. Health.

The researcher developed 10 tips that she believes adherence to can achieve this purpose, which are:

1- Avoid dehydration and thirst during fasting hours, which can be achieved through the following:

First: Drink plenty of water and fluids during breakfast.

Second: Try to replace sweets and sugars with fruits, especially those that contain high levels of water, such as watermelon and cantaloupe.

Third: Do not drink too much soft drinks or tea and coffee, which are rich in caffeine, which increases diuresis.

2- Do not abuse foods at breakfast or suhoor, and it is preferable that the fasting person start his breakfast with dates and finish his suhoor with them, due to the richness of dates in fiber that gives a feeling of satiety and reduces the incidence constipation, in addition to containing many nutrients and has the ability to strengthen fasting energy.

3- Do not abuse foods rich in salt, the most famous are pickles, and try to replace them with a few fresh vegetables, and a little salt.

4- Do not abuse foods rich in fat and sugar, as well as fried in oil, which provide many calories.

5- Practice sports and simple movements, especially in performing acts of worship and Tarawih prayers, as this has a very important impact on improving the health of the fasting person.

6- Do not ignore suhoor food, as it provides the fasting person with energy and many nutrients that their body needs during the hours of fasting.

7- Get enough sleep, since lack of sleep causes an increase in the hormones responsible for appetite.

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