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Revenue? They show an image of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow at Disneyland

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It looks like he won the defamation case against his ex-partner Amber Heard gives actor Johnny Depp more than money.

The fact that the Disney amusement park in Paris showed an image of the popular Jack Sparrow It is much more than a publicity boom, because allowing the presence of the character lifts the iron curtain that weighed on the actor when his moral solvency was called into question by Heard’s accusations.

Does he return to his natural space?

‚ÄúThis weekend it was reported, via comicsthat the image of Jack Sparrow, the drunken protagonist of the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean, was projected during a fireworks display at Disneyland Paris. Obviously, the actor’s fans did not go unnoticed by the act and shared the images on social networks. quoted yahoo life and style.

We all know Depp loves his character and that various circumstances kept him away from registration forums, including the veto. So it’s no surprise that in a new twist in the actor’s life, cinema’s most beloved pirate returns to cheer him and his millions of fans.

Of course, we all remember Depp himself saying long ago that he wouldn’t work with Disney again “not even for all the gold in the world.”

The producers of the saga have planned two more episodes of the adventures at sea, but said that Depp will not be there.

In this type of project, eliminating characters of Jack Sparrow’s stature means certain failure, which is why Depp is now the jewel in the crown, and he will be waiting for more than “all the gold in the world” to return.

we learned that Jerry Buckenheimerone of the producers of this franchise, has confirmed that a reboot with a female lead will be done in a new episode with the intention of Margot Robbie moving it forward.

“Nope [hay planes para que Johnny Depp regrese como Jack Sparrow en Piratas del Caribe] right now. The future remains to be decided. We’re talking to Margot Robbie. We are developing two scripts for ‘Pirates’: one with her and one without her,” the outlet said.

the public wants it

The image of Johnny Depp projected at Disney Paris bodes well for fans of the franchise.

At this theme park on the outskirts of the City of Light, there’s a wide variety of attractions for kids and adults, including a train ride through different filming locations, roller coasters with hologram-presence – by Steven Tyler and the Aerosmith group in addition to beautiful allegorical attractions for films like Ratattoulle and other productions.

The 59-year-old actor seems ready to relaunch his image and histrionic ability, especially in the comedy genre, it’s not for nothing that he has been indispensable in the cinematography of Tim Burton since he was made know with “The Young Scissorhands”, passing by Willie Wonka, Nosferatu the vampire or Swenney Todd.

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