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Return to Monkey Island presents its story and its arrival on Nintendo Switch in a first for consoles

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MADRID, June 28 (Portaltic/EP) –

Nintendo shared the news of third-party developers coming to its hybrid console in the coming months, including Return to Monkey Island, RGP Persona and the new installment of Mario + Rabbids, Sparks Of Hope.

Return to Monkey Island is one of the games featured this Tuesday in a new Nintendo Direct Mini show: Partner Showcase, featuring the news from various distributors and developers coming to Switch between this year and next.

In April, franchise creator Ron Gilbert himself announced a new installment titled Return to Monkey Island, coming this year as a follow-up to The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.

Return to Monkey Island will debut for consoles on Nintendo Switch this year, an announcement that was accompanied by a first trailer in which Guybrush Threepwood “finally” discovered the mystery of Monkey Island.

The Monster Hunter Rise expansion Sunbreak (June 30), which will bring a new story, new monsters and combat options, as well as new locations and master rank quests, with the arrival at Elgato’s post and the investment of the powerful beasts called ‘ The Three Lords: Garangolm, the fanged skywyvern Lunagaron and the elder dragon Malzeno.

For its part, the NieR:Automata universe will have a version for Nintendo Switch on October 6th, The End of YoRHa Edition, in which players will control 2B, an android of the YoRHa military unit and participate in fierce battles to reclaim the planet.

The classic arcades will also have their place in the Nintendo convertible console. Super Bomberman R 2 will be released next year with classic action modes and the new “Castle” mode where a team of up to 15 players must bomb their way to get treasure chests while another player tries to stop them alone .

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will collect ten Mega Man Battle Network games originally released for Game Boy Advance in 2023, while the PAC-MAN WORLD remake will be available on August 26th.

The puzzle-adventure title Lorelei and the Laser Eyes will first be released as a console for Nintendo Switch in 2023. Also coming in 2023 is Blanc, a co-op adventure starring a fawn and a wolf cub who must work together to overcome environmental obstacles and move around. freezing locations.

The new Mario + Rabbids installment, Sparks Of Hope, is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 20th. Minecraft Legends will do it in 2023 and Sonic Frontiers this winter. Portal: Companion Collection featuring Portal and Portal 2 is available now for the Nintendo console.

Announced earlier this month for Xbox, RPG Persona 5 Royal will also be coming to Nintendo Switch on October 21, followed by two other titles in the saga: Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden.

The fantasy world of Harvestella, a new farm management simulation RPG, will be available on November 4th for Nintendo Switch. Dragon Quest Treasures follows a month later, preceded by the RPG classic Live a Live (July 22nd) this summer.

Other third-party titles coming soon to Nintendo Switch include action roguelite Little Noah: Scion of Paradise (June 28), train sim Railgrade (Autumn), RPG adventure Time: The Legend of Wright (June 18). June, August) and the simulation game Disney Dreamlight Valley (September 6).

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