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Researcher: Emirati-Moroccan relations… a long procession of fraternal cooperation and coordination

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The Emirati researcher, Dr. Abdullah Al Shaiba, stressed that the UAE and Morocco have a historical brotherhood and a strategic partnership in various fields, noting that the cooperation frameworks between the two countries advance with strength, sincere will, visions, positions and coherent orientations. towards regional and global issues.
Al Shaybah explained through 24, that the Emirati-Moroccan relations began in 1972, when Morocco was one of the first countries to support the establishment of the Union of the Emirates Bilateral relations.

collaboration process
He said: “The growing process of cooperation between the two countries continued on its way, as the Emirati-Moroccan joint committee was established in 1985, and the joint committee held its first session in Abu Dhabi in 1988, and joint meetings reflecting the depth and strength of relations continued, thanks to the congruence of points of view between the wise leadership of the two countries, on bilateral, regional and international issues.

Emirati researcher Abdullah Al Shaiba noted the growth of bilateral relations between the two sister countries during the era of President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and King Mohammed VI of Morocco Between officials of the two countries, he explained that the United Arab Emirates and Morocco have common interests, the most important of which is working to establish security in the Arab region.

He pointed out that Morocco is one of the most important economic and commercial partners of the United Arab Emirates in the Arab region in general, and recent years have witnessed an economic and commercial movement between the two countries, which also included humanitarian, security, , cultural, judicial. , social, environmental and other aspects.


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