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Rescued a Brazilian mother and her children after 17 years of confinement by the Patriarch in his home

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The cots in which the attacker kept his children tied in Rio de Janeiro.Rio de Janeiro Military Police

Military police freed a woman and her two children after they were held captive for 17 years by the family patriarch at his home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The attacker was arrested at the same place. The victims were located by the authorities after receiving an anonymous complaint last Thursday in a barracks in the north of the city. The veteran agent who first entered the dark and smelly room where the trio lived has shared some details with the local press. “We found two young men tied at the feet. At first we thought they were children, by then the girl and boy were malnourished,” he told the newspaper Or balloon. The daughter is 22 years old; his brother, 19. “The atmosphere in the house was appalling,” added the officer.

The victims were also dehydrated and showed signs of assault. They were in a room with boarded-up windows, no water, just two dirty beds with no sheets, faeces and a stove. Both sons have therefore spent almost their entire lives locked in this room in deplorable and inhumane conditions on a street with residents of the Guaratiba neighborhood of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The patriarch, who is around 45 or 50 years old, faces charges of torture, ill-treatment and confinement in a private prison.

Only the attacker’s wife was able to communicate with the agents who came to rescue her. She was the only one who could speak. “The two young men were excited. They talked and moved a lot. It was a situation that seemed unreal and difficult to understand,” said the veteran MP who found her. He has also said that when he offered the attacker’s wife food, she declined the offer: “She said, ‘No, no, no, I can’t eat, she won’t let us eat without her permission’.” Captain told the Rio de Janeiro newspaper William Oliveira, head of the military police team.

Both the woman and her two children were taken from their home in an ambulance and taken straight to a city hospital. The information released by the Brazilian press allows us to reconstruct to a large extent how the rescue took place and learn some details about the protagonists of the terrible case.

The entrance to the premises where a man kept his children and wife locked up in Rio for 17 years, in an image released by military police.
The entrance to the premises where a man kept his children and wife locked up in Rio for 17 years, in an image released by military police. Military Police of Rio de Janeiro (EFE/Military Police of Rio de Janeiro)

A neighbor in the neighborhood where they were kidnapped for nearly two decades told the newspaper Folha from São Paulo, which the rescued woman managed to get out of the hut a few days ago thanks to a broken door. “It was the first time they saw her. He asked me to call his sister. He had the number engraved on his head years ago.” After several attempts, he managed to speak to his sister and alert her.

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The sister told the São Paulo newspaper that at the beginning of the relationship between her sister and the attacker, the couple lived in a different neighborhood. She elaborates that they were maternal cousins ​​and that the rest of the family was then responsible for resolving what she describes as a “jealousy crisis.” The situation changed after the children were born, he claims. The attacker decided to leave with the three.

Neighbors have told the Brazilian press that many years ago they saw the victims at the front door and greeted people. But they have long since disappeared from the community’s field of vision, although their testimonies show that younger people also knew of their existence. The now imprisoned person was considered an aggressive person who played the music very loudly despite protests from the neighbors. They say he left home early and returned late.

The detainee gave the police officers who arrested him some clues as to the reasons that led him to inflict such inhumane treatment on his family. “He told us that the children were mentally ill and had to be locked up.” At that time, the lady told them that “she and her children had not left the house for 17 years,” explained the captain, who suspects that the Victims were also physically assaulted.

After initial investigations, the agents do not rule out that the horrific drama surrounding the victims could have lasted less. The Brazilian press published that the Youth Protection Council received a complaint a few years ago, but that no body has acted to remedy the daily horror suffered by victims over the past two decades.

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