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Republicans oppose the nuclear deal

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Forty-nine of 50 Republican senators said Monday they would not support a new nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, underscoring their party’s opposition to attempts to revive the 2015 deal amid fears the talks would fail.

The members said in a statement that Democratic President Joe Biden’s administration could reach a deal that would weaken U.S. sanctions on Iran and ease restrictions on its nuclear program, citing media reports on details of the deal that have yet to be finalized. completely finished.

Members pledged to do everything in their power to abort any deal that does not “completely prevent” Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon, curb its ballistic missile program or “address Iran’s support for terrorism.” . Tehran denies ever seeking atomic bombs.

None of the Republicans in Congress supported the 2015 deal between Tehran and the major powers that was reached under Democratic President Barack Obama, and several Democrats also opposed it.

Congress may have the right to renew the deal under the Iran Nuclear Deal Review Act of 2015, but its members are unlikely to be able to abort the deal after they failed to do so seven years ago when Republicans controlled Congress. .

Democrats now have slim majorities in the House and Senate.

Talks to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal are in danger of collapsing after a last-minute request from Russia forced world powers to temporarily halt negotiations for an indefinite period, even though the text of the deal was completed. to a large degree.

An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday that Washington needed to make a decision on the deal.

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