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reopens its offices and launches

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Twitter: reopens its offices and launches

Twitter loses and 53% of its maximum of last summer at 73.34 dollars per share. A negative effect that stands out in these terms among the Big Tech and that shows that this annual negative path of more than 20% for its shares will be difficult to contain in the market.

The premium indicators of Investment Strategies mark, in bearish mode for the value, a total score of 2.5 points out of a possible 10 for valuewith a downward trend, in the medium and long term, total momentum, both slow and fast negative, while its VOLUME of business is growing, both in the medium and long term, while the amplitude range is mixed: growing to medium term, but decreasing in the long term for Twitter.

In its stock chart we see that the stock is advancing, after yesterday’s improvement, by 4.25% in the last five trading sessions, but that is the extent of the gains it has accumulated. Loses and 7.9% in El Mes, and 23.2% in the last three months and cut, so far this year, and 21.17%.

Twitter annual value quote

Twitter annual value quote

While we are seeing sales among some of its insiders, as is the case of its CFO Ned Segal who has been discovered of 5,000 shares of Twitter at a price of $32.27 a share with just over $161,350 in redemption. The sources indicate that it could be due to the changes that the new CEO Parag Agrawal is making in the company.

In fact, it has appointed three new department heads in its consumer division, internally called Bluebird, to develop new features and services that continue to innovate the company. In some cases there are layers of internal promotion, but in others, arrivals from Meta, the old Facebook.

By the way, Twitter just posted on their blog that they’re launching a new beta experiment, Twitter Shops where merchants can choose from a collection of up to 50 products to show the buyers of the social network. It is a test feature, but free to use, which according to the company “gives people the opportunity to see products from their brand profiles, so when you talk and discover products on the timeline, now also you can look them up on Twitter.” At the moment the feature is only available in the United States, in English and for use on iPhones.

So yes, for Twitter the era of teleworking as such is over. They have just returned to the office, on the 15th, although it seems that remote work for certain employees is still an option. This has been indicated by Parag Agrawal, on parental leave, but with more activity than usual. He has sent a letter to all the workers to indicate that he returns to face-to-face work, with the opening of all the world offices and that business trips are reactivated.

It seems that in this Agrawal also distances himself from what Twitter founder Jack Dorsey told workers in the midst of the pandemic, indicating that he could telecommute forever if they so wished. At the moment the new CEO says he respects this premise. but noting that “remote work will be much more difficult” and that he is in favor of face-to-face work, with employees together in the same physical space where they can experiment, says the company culture.

Among its recommendations, from Tipranks of the 27 analysts who follow the value, 8 opt for buying, 17 for maintaining the value and 2 for selling it, with an average target price reaching $46.24, meaning a potential additional value of 36.52%.

Twitter recommends and valuable object

Twitter recommends and valuable object

From MarketWatch, analysts who follow the value, up to 40, believes that Twitter shares should be held, with up to 26 experts who opt for this option. 9 bet to buy, 2 to overweight and 3 more to sell in the market. Its median price target is $43.93 per share.

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