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Relocated military convoy, Schröder meets Putin, Pisa study

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The Russian column in front of Kiev has dispersed, Gerhard Schröder has spoken with Putin and the boys believe in their talents more than the girls. The morning summary

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The situation in Ukraine

The Russian military convoy, more than 60 kilometers long, has broken up near Kiev, according to satellite images. Therefore, the vehicles and tanks were distributed to the surrounding villages and forests. My colleague Hauke ​​Friedrichs analyzed why the Russian attack had failed in recent days. (Z+)

According to several media outlets, former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder met with Vladimir Putin in Moscow to talk with him about the war in Ukraine. Apparently, the visit was not with the federal government and agreed with the Ukrainian ambassador.

The Russian government threatens to nationalize Western companies that leave the country because of the war in Ukraine. Will also do it Russia It will stop exporting electronic devices, machines and fertilizers by the end of the year, in reaction to Western sanctions. However, agricultural and energy exports are expected to continue.

As of 2027, the EU should no longer buy oil and gas from Russia. The Commission wants to present a new energy plan in May, as President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen Announced.

Russia finds increasingly absurd justifications for its ruthless attack on the Ukraine. This shows that the war cannot be stopped diplomatically these days.

Collapsed residential buildings, shattered windows and destroyed government buildings: the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv lies in ruins after Russian attacks, as our photo series shows.

© Natalia Kolesnikova/​AFP/​Getty Images

Western sanctions are hitting the Russian population hard. Economist Vasily Astrov hopes that many will soon be able to buy only the essentials. (Z+)

The fear of a growing war is justified, but what can be done now not to go crazy? Psychologists Know Strategies: A Seven-Step Guide. (Z+)

According to the UN, almost two million people are fleeing inside Ukraine.

In Germany, the will to help is currently great, as is the uncertainty: How are the refugees from Ukraine actually supported?

All current developments can be found on our live blog.


According to the United States, North Korea tested an ICBM system during weapons tests in late February and early March. The United States is planning new sanctions against the isolated country.


Israel has reinstated the immigration ban on Palestinians. This means that Israeli-Palestinian couples can no longer live together in Israel.


According to the Pisa study, 15-year-old girls believe less in their own talents than boys of the same age.

According to our data, the health authorities recorded more corona cases yesterday than at any other time since the pandemic began. There were 258,573 new infections recorded, which was a good 52,000 more than a week ago. In addition, 226 deaths were reported, 58 fewer than last Thursday.


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