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Religious songs of Ramadan… the month of guidance, light and the Koran

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In the holy month of Ramadan, the differences between people fade away and hands are raised towards the sky to get closer to God, the Exalted, the Most High.

Blessed days, full of tolerance and love, during which Muslims strive to fast, pray, recite the Koran, and after breakfast, young people go to the squares, with luminous lanterns, while adults are content to listen to prayers full with reverence, and religious songs of Ramadan, which are full of kind words and wonderful supplications.

In the month of Ramadan, praise sheikhs compete by presenting their works that praise the greatness of the Creator of the universe and the Giver of blessings, and praise the Noble Messenger, may the peace and prayers of God be upon him.

Old religious songs of Ramadan.

Egypt stands out from other Islamic countries in religious singing, and has introduced the world to singers who have sweet voices and a sense of reverence, so their beautiful works pierced people’s hearts and calmed their consciences.

It is one of the most outstanding and beautiful songs about Ramadan, which was introduced by Sheikh Nasr Al-Din Tobar, who introduced more than 100 hymns, the most important of which is “Ramadan has shone”, and his words say, ” Ramadan has shined He longs to hear you.

The Egyptian radio archive includes a large number of old Ramadan songs by Sheikh Nasr al-Din Tobar, such as “O owner of the king, the great caller, you who possessed our hearts, for the sake of your obedience, the Night of the Decree, to you is my reverence.”

Sheikh Sayed Al-Naqshbandi is also considered a sign in religious singing, and he recorded many Ramadan religious songs, including “Glory to God, glory to you, Lord, God is God, Ramadan is welcome, my God and you are the that respond to hope”.

The song “Mawlay”, composed by the musician Baligh Hamdi, is a milestone in Naqshbandi history, and among its wonderful words: “My Lord, I am at your door. My prayers with tears are dew… In the light of your face, I am returning and glorified.. And he who forsakes you will not be forever miserable.. It is bittersweet to live in your pleasure..

Among the most important singers who introduced the ancient religious songs of Ramadan, is Sheikh Taha Al-Fashni, who was born in 1900, and one of his most outstanding works is “Oh, the chosen one”.

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