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Regina refutes him at the “Perfect Dinner”!

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Regina wants to prove to her husband that she can complete the “Perfect Dinner” challenge. (Image: RTL)

Cooking is so good! That is why “The Perfect Dinner” (VOX) often has therapeutic characteristics. Regina (33) competes in Bielefeld to show her husband that she can convince in that format: “He didn’t think I was going to accept.”

As a baby, Regina came to Germany with her family from Kyrgyzstan. She has never forgotten her roots, not only thanks to her grandmother, who still lives in her neighborhood in Bielefeld. And so, his menu on day 4 of “The Perfect Dinner” (VOX) in Bielefeld is not only characterized by delicacies from Russia and Central Asia, but also by a top-secret spice mix that his grandmother gave him just before dinner. to round. off

  • Appetizer: Funchosa Glass Noodle Salad

  • Entrée: Russian manti meets rocket with two different dives

  • Dessert: chocolate and raspberry ice cream

“It sounds simple, but there is definitely a twist in the background,” fellow gourmet Franz (33) suspects given the simple descriptions of the course. “Do you think she makes the glass noodles herself?” the purist speculates in the presence of the strict eldest of the group, Johannes (68), as he reads the menu. “It would be a great challenge and a great achievement,” says the pensioner and grandson of former federal president Gustav Heinemann. When Regina found out about these claims, her eyes widened, “No one can expect that!”

Bielefeld, Day 4: With his Russian-Kyrgyzü men Regina (33) becomes the shooting star of the group.  (Image: RTL)

Bielefeld, day 4: With her Russian-Kyrgyz menu, Regina (33) becomes the shooting star of the group. (Image: RTL)

“The main thing is that men feed”

What the technically ruthless gentlemen don’t suspect: Regina’s real challenge isn’t just proving to her husband tonight that she really can cook, but also in front of an audience of millions. The husband of the gods, conspicuous by her absence, doesn’t seem to trust her: “He likes to eat big, but not my specials, but a steak. I didn’t think I’d ever be accepted at the ‘Perfect Dinner.'”

Those doubts are erased: “I think I’m a pretty mediocre cook,” says Regina, as she quickly whips up two kinds of fancy sauces and carefully crafts star-shaped meatballs filled with minced meat. She took her culinary mantra from her grandmother, just like she did with handles: “The main thing is for men to fill up.”

Dream Ratings for Deep Stacker

In this sense, there is nothing to worry about on the fourth night of the Westphalian round: the characteristic “Donnerwetter!” of Johannes. It sounds already with the appetizer, of course the best Russian vodka with caviar appetizers: “That’s really Eastern Bloc.” – “A co-worker recommended it to me, it should taste like juice,” reports Regina, who doesn’t drink alcohol: “After that, I don’t feel so good.”

Over the course of the courses, the surprised hymns do not stop: Johannes finds the dives with the manti to be “indescribably good”, and Sabine’s conclusion (61) is “on the whole perfect”. The warm and cold dessert, which for once did not come from Grandma, caused storms of enthusiasm: “It’s from YouTube.”

This is also reflected in the ranking: only Franz awards new points: Johannes, Sabine and previous leader Andreas (45) award the highest rating. With 39 points, the discreet Regina occupies the undisputed first place.

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