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Reasons why ‘Crazy for Work’ became a rage on Netflix

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If you are a fan of light comedies, ‘work crazy’ is the ideal option for you. And it is that since this production premiered on Netflix, nobody stopped laughing before the events that are present in this story.

And it is that this plot It is based on the very demanding life of a recognized executive who, after her obsession with work, leaves her family life aside, without knowing that fate is playing a trick on him and overnight he finds himself without anything he had built for so many years. Given this, he has no choice but to resort to another type of work in which he will find “satisfaction” and good friendships that will change his perspective.

For this reason, the public felt very comfortable with this story which comes to refresh the content of the streaming platform’s entertainment catalog and demonstrate that everything in life cannot be based solely on meeting times and the demands of bosses.

Reasons why you should watch “Crazy for Work”

The synopsis of ‘work crazy’ describes the following: “A job-obsessed executive loses everything to confusion and decides to follow an unconventional career path.” From this premise, the audience can already predict everything that will happen in this story, however, there are surprises and determining factors in its ending that will even make you think about the decisions that human beings usually make in life.

So, if you felt attracted by this funny comedy, nothing better than to discover the reasons why it became a hit and it’s hard to ignore:

It’s a very refreshing comedy: The story takes place in current settings where colors reign, current structures, as well as environments in which innovation and good vibes breathe. Moreover, the arguments and the scenes are very real, so much so that there are some who have fully identified themselves through the interpretations of each character.

It’s a very real fiction: In this film, we deal with very experiential themes that have to do with the obsession of always wanting to stand out, to be the best and to discover that in the long run one day everything can change. It even shows that despite building an empire, it can all come crashing down due to misunderstandings or breaches of the rules or simple talk that goes against the owners of a company you work in.

Friendship is valued Again, these types of storylines reinforce how vital it is to have good friends who become family and help make bad decisions or not, but serve as a foundation to always move forward.

Source metroecuador.com

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