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Reasons NOT to be with a man who just got out of a relationship

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There’s a question that society has been asking for years and that authors, artists, and experts have tried to answer: does one nail drive out another nail? This dilemma always arises when you want to start an affair with a man who just got out of a relationship.

Often, we embark on these kinds of impossible missions with a lot of faith, but the resolution is the same: We are the ones who usually lose with shattered expectations and the investment of friends.

It’s not bad to take risks in the romantic section, but you have to understand that you are exposing yourself to a bigger problem and that a principle of self-love is to take care of yourself emotionally. Prevention is always better than picking up the pieces of a broken heart.

When you go out with a man who just got out of a relationship, it is likely that he has not forgotten his ex and that at any time he decides to ask him for a new opportunity, continues to burden you with pain or simply uses you to make the other person jealous.

We don’t deserve to be the second class of someone who isn’t ready to give us their 100% attention, love, dedication and commitment. Why rush the healing process, when we can knock on the door at another time or in other options?

Otherwise, you’ll rob him of that space to learn from the mistakes of failed romance, sort out his feelings, and become a better person. In some cases, you may just be a distraction, but pain is never cured by pleasure.

“These are temporary relationships. They are doomed to end badly, because one of their members has not worked out the duel of the previous break. They are used neither to forget the ex, nor to work.

Mariela Michelena, psychoanalyst, for La Vanguardia.

However, experts agree that it is not bad to be friends with benefits. In this case, it is essential that you have no illusions and that there is clear communication between the two.. If feelings arise, it is better to flee. Remember that sometimes one nail doesn’t chase the other, it just pushes it deeper.

Source metroecuador.com

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