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Real Madrid determined for the title

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The Whites separate a Barça who can play the league again at the palace on Sunday


Real Madrid defeated Barça (81-66) this Friday in the third game of the final “playoff” of the Endesa Liga, played at the WiZink Center to have the option of being champions again at home on Sunday, decidedly with all the senses.

The white team teamed with a packed Palacio to make it 2-1 in the best-of-five series. After struggling for a final draw at Palau on Wednesday, Barça were once again outclassed by a more determined Madrid to reclaim the league throne they last won in 2019.

Madrid had two moments to stop the game, before the break when they went to 10 and after the break with a 55-42 that ended well. Barça collapsed in the third quarter and the white party started with a twenty-lead (72-53). The finale of suspense, detail and agony turned into a white throwback of defense, the dominance of Tavares, Poirier and Yabusele under the hoops and the points of Deck, Causeur or Llull.

With the Tifo tribute to Laso, the fist raised and the cry of rage, the sound of the wind blowing over the rival and the full house singing the anthem even before the first whistle, the palace was ready to play its part in this one to play finals. With this working environment, this time Mirotic wasn’t able to act as a savior in a Barça that didn’t refuel.

The culé novelty was Exum, actually in the quintet, as fresh blood but the Australian added two fouls in three minutes. On the floor it was impossible for the players to hear instructions, a loud start that intimidated both teams. Madrid scored in the colour, Tavares, Poirier and Yabusele were most appreciated at the break and Barça were more erratic.

Calathes gave the Catalans rhythm and also knew how to hit the basket. Jasikevicius had to rack his brains, as did Mirotic, but the Spanish-Montenegrin lacked determination and success. The rotation suited Chus Mateo’s men better, with Poirier’s damage to Davies (18-12) and a more complete defense that, in communion with the public, had the eternal rival in tow.

Kuric hit a couple of three-pointers in a slightly more determined Barça team in the second quarter, but he was shocked by the visitors’ losses and “Saras’ enormous anger at Laprovittola. An unsportsmanlike Sanli marked Madrid’s start, with triples from Causeur and Rudy going into the tenth (46-36).

Those from Barcelona had to chop rocks and their return to the ring was a disaster. More casualties, very little success, and a shy response that wasn’t enough to stop the white engine. Tavares became great again and Kuric kept the thread of culé life. Causeur launched another straight at the rival; Llull, next, and Madrid didn’t let Barça get off the canvas (66-53).

Deck, with colossal energy all night, and Yabusele fattening up the rent in their twenties. Laso’s men, once again absent due to the heart attack he suffered two weeks ago, gave free rein to the great moment that saw them reach this final. The ‘Saras’ team, which has been playing more than the past two months, needs to upgrade in two days and a lot to avoid the white wing.


–RESULT: REAL MADRID, 81 – BARÇA, 66. (46-39, at halftime).


REAL MADRID: Hanga (7), Causeur (13), Deck (14), Yabusele (9) and Tavares (10) – starting quintet –; Rudy Fernández (3), Poirier (6), Taylor (5), Abalde (2), Núñez (-), Llull (10), Ndiaye (2).

BARÇA: Calathes (10), Higgins (3), Exum (5), Mirotic (9) and Sanli (-) –Initial Quintet–; Laprovittola (6), Abrines (3), Martínez (-), Davies (8), Kuric (15), Jokubaitis (2), Smits (5).

–PARTIAL: 21-16, 25-23, 20-14, 15-13.

–Referees: Peruga, Jiménez and Sánchez Sixto. Eliminated without.

–PAVILLION: WiZink Center.

Source europapress.es

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