Rare Beauty Foundation Review [Liquid Touch Weightless] December 2022


Today is all about Selena Gomez’s new products and Rare Beauty Foundation overview review below. The brand launched on September 3, 2020 and is currently only available on sephora.com and rarebeauty.com. Unfortunately, it is not yet known when all the products will be available via Sephora’s German website. I myself came to the products by detours and therefore I am happy to introduce them to you today.

ball cap

Rare Beauty Foundation comes in a high-quality, slim plastic bottle. This one has a unique ball closure. He targets people who joint diseases like arthritis, products like this help open them up more easily. Selena Gomez herself suffers from a disease called lupus, which also affects the joints, among other things.

This bottle cap design statement is unique and sets a great example to bring attention to these diseases.

rare beauty values

On the website rarebeauty.com you can find all the information about the brand and the values ​​that Selena Gomez wants to transmit. It is about the individual beauty of each individual.

Against unrealistic standards that (often unconsciously) social media platforms evoke in us. Learn to accept and love ourselves as we are, because that’s how we are perfect. It’s okay not to look like someone else. #YourRare

“Being weird is about being comfortable with yourself. I’ve stopped trying to be perfect. I just wanna be me.” Selena Gomez

What should the Foundation be able to do?

  • Weightless, smooth-gliding formula.
  • Natural skin-like finish.
  • The pure pigments are in a serum-like base.
  • Easy to mix and build
  • productive – “A Little Goes a Long Way”
  • Lasts all day without drying
  • Convenient no-fuss doe-foot applicator.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • dermatologically tested
  • non-comedogenic
  • paraben free
  • vegan and Not tested on animals
  • 48 Shades 30ml


prices and colors

The foundation is currently available at rarebeauty.com and at sephora.de. There is a price of €32.95 either. $29 and it’s in 48 colors available.

You can also find one on the site tone finder, which should help you find your ideal shade combination. Only some Questions I’d have to answered and voilà the right tone is there. In theory anyway.

I let myself be guided a bit and finally got to the color. 230N [light medium with neutral olive undertones] landed.

wrong color ordered

I originally wanted to order it 170W [light with warm olive undertones]. Somehow I thought: “Well, light to medium, that’s ideal and after a olive green background I’m always desperately searching.”

Also, I saw in a review on YouTube that the warm undertones of Rare Beauty Foundation should be very extreme. This further strengthened my decision to purchase the 230N. Instead of a warm undertone, choose a more neutral one. like you on my reel [unter verlinkt] As you can see on Instagram, it is unfortunately too yellow and too dark.

230N is unfortunately too dark and too yellow

I guess I should have looked in the Shadefinder instead of light must classifyinstead of the chosen one light to medium.

Based on my color, which I now have here at home, I can definitely say: This shade has an amazing yellow undertone, despite the neutral undertone. 230N [light medium with neutral olive undertones] Should have.

My current skin situation 04/2021

• Minor blemishes on the jaw line towards the chin.
• Enlarged pores, especially around the cheeks and between the eyebrows.
• My skin is typical combination skin that is often dehydrated.
• Throughout the day I get greasy/shiny in the T-zone (bridge of the nose, cheekbones, forehead, chin).

Performance of the Rare Beauty Foundation

The base itself is very liquid. There is a ball in the bottle so that the pigments are better distributed when shaken.

order and tools

I struggled with it for a long time, it just didn’t sit well on my skin. In general I had this product for sure 15x on my face and for almost every application I chose a different preparation.

Different rich creams, with and without sunscreen, with primer, without primer, etc. Somehow I didn’t want to have to write that it does not work for me and i’m not a fan

Until I finally chose the following procedure again:

  1. chemical peel
  2. The right face cream [Feuchtigkeitspflege]
  3. Sun protection that does not fall off
  4. Application with the Rare Beauty Brush
  5. Touch up with the Real Techniques sponge
  6. fixing spray
  7. Set carefully with a powder foundation and a puff
    [LH Cosmetics Puff und dem Charlotte Tilburry Puder]
  8. fixing spray

Thanks to exfoliation just before application, the right cream and setting with powder and puff foundation, it finally sat well on my skin.

Powder puff

L.H. Cosmetics

Liquid Touch Foundation Brush

rare beauty

102 silk finish


Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques

Powder puff

L.H. Cosmetics

Liquid Touch Foundation Brush

rare beauty

102 silk finish


Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques

Powder puff

L.H. Cosmetics

Liquid Touch Foundation Brush

rare beauty

102 silk finish


Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques

coverage and finish

I would rate your opacity as buildable of light to medium strong designate to cover. I, however, liked the result better, with a very light layer and therefore a fairly light opacity.

looks freshly applied very dewybut sits down after a few minutes and as described becomes very nice”natural, skin like finsh“.

Because it does not dry properly, Rare Beauty Foundation remains slightly sticky on the face. It’s not dramatic, but it’s noticeable. And it’s not smudge proof unsett and it would rub off.

Everyone who has combination or oily skin knows that a foundation that has not set, especially in the T-zone area, is not really wearable and slides off after a few minutes. It only looked great on me with a powder foundation. With the other loose powders I had used in the previous experiments, I didn’t always like it. I looked much drier and the combination did not adhere well to my skin either.


It gets pretty bright on me throughout the day. Powder and blow dry was a must here if you don’t want to look too oily.

rare beauty blushes

Before revealing my final conclusion about the Foundation, I wanted to give a brief idea of ​​the blushes give the fire I have two of the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush [Bliss – mattes Finish, Joy – dewy Finish] neat and one Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush [Nearly Apricot – satin Finish].

They are all very easy to apply, do not run and always look touched up with the Rare Beauty Foundation Brush. Fantastically beautiful products, all of them. I would buy again every time!

Rare Beauty blushes are a must!

Save 20% on everything*

*Only while stocks last.

Valid until March 25, 2025

25% on KVD products*

*Only while stocks last. Exclusions apply.

Valid until January 1, 2023



  • long time training
  • Very productive
  • Liquid
  • 48 colors


  • Only with a lot of effort does it feel good on my skin
  • Becoming noticeably oily throughout the day, especially in the T zone
  • Yellow/warm undertones can tend to be too extreme


The Rare Beauty Foundation may look good on my skin, but to be honest the way it is too tedious for me. There are some other foundations that are much more tolerant of my skin condition.

I can’t say that I find it bad, but I don’t think I’ll use it again on a daily basis because I never know if it and my skin together have a good foundation day.

I really wanted to love her, but in this case, unfortunately, I have to pass.

However, what is currently constantly in use are Rare Beauty blushes. are only fantastically beautiful. I can warmly recommend them to everyone! ♡

I look forward to the next review with you!

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