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Rammstein are back with a new song – album to follow in April – BZ Berlin

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Berlin band Rammstein give a first impression of their upcoming album “Zeit”. In the video of the first single, the musicians appear with weapons and uniforms.

Metal guitars, angelic voices, battlefield scenes: the Berlin band Rammstein released the video for their new single “Zeit” on Thursday. With the six-minute clip, the six musicians surrounding frontman Till Lindemann announced the new album of the same name.

Rammstein’s eighth studio album is scheduled for release on April 29 and will contain eleven songs, according to a statement. The band spent two years working on the follow-up to their 2019 anonymous album. It was recorded in the south of France.

The band announced the release of the new video through a countdown. Three clips were uploaded to Instagram in the band’s usual gritty aesthetic. In one, a man is blindfolded, in another three figures in black robes can be seen with a baby in their arms. There was speculation on the internet about whether the new album would also be presented. On Thursday at 5 pm the time had come.

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At the beginning of the video, the musicians are floating in the water as dead. From there, time runs sometimes forward, sometimes backward. Scenes follow in which the musicians can be seen, among other things, as armed and uniformed soldiers. The clip begins with sad piano tones and angelic vocals before Rammstein’s signature sawed-off guitars kick in. Lindemann sings about transience: “Time, please stop, stop” and “Time, it should always go on like this.”

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Rammstein is known for his harsh lyrics and martial demeanor. The provocations appear to be intentional. The band had to endure a lot of criticism three years ago for the clip of their song “Deutschland”. There you could see four band musicians, whose clothing reminded prisoners of concentration camps. Whether the new video will cause outrage again remains to be seen. Initially, the band received a lot of approval from fans on Instagram.

Keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz had already announced the new album in February 2021. “Not being able to perform live has increased our creativity. We had more time to think about new things and fewer distractions,” the musician told the Motor Entertainment label’s website. “As a result, we made a record that we hadn’t planned on making.”

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