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Ramadan 2022.. 10 hospitals and 82 health centers in Mecca to serve the pilgrims of Umrah

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10 hospitals and 82 health centers in Makkah Al-Mukarramah have completed all their preparations to implement the plans prepared for the Ramadan season.

Al-Haram Hospital and Emergency Centers work 24 hours a day to provide medical care to visitors and pilgrims of the Grand Mosque, as the Haram Hospital is located on the north side of the Grand Mosque opposite the Gate of the King Abdullah.

The three emergency centers are located in the corridors of the campus and all are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to attend to emergencies.

In addition, 5 mobile clinics with integrated medical equipment and fully equipped to provide primary health care services, spread over a number of sites in the central region and the entrance to Makkah Al-Mukarramah, will be provided to provide greetings to the guests and visitors of the House of God.

In the same context, all departments in hospitals and health centers work according to a plan that is in harmony with the course of work and schedules and without affecting the quality of work, since each shift works 6 hours for 4 hours. shifts within 24 hours to provide 24-hour services.

The health assembly also increased the beds and the availability of intensive care rooms to deal with any emergency, in addition to equipping all health centers with emergency clinics equipped in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s standards.

King Abdullah Medical City is the hospital specialized in treating heart and stroke cases, where cases are transferred to them according to the internationally specified time to treat clots and in the fastest way through eligibility management for treatment and medical coordination at the Health Cluster in Makkah.

Al-Noor Specialty Hospital, King Faisal Hospital, King Abdulaziz Hospital, Hira General Hospital, Ibn Sina Hospital, Ajyad Hospital, Maternal and Child Hospital and hospitals in the northern sector of Makkah (Khulais – Al Kamil) serve all cases through fully equipped emergency teams. emergency departments.

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