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“Quiz for you”: This was the return of Pilawa Sat.1

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“We’re doing something really crazy,” announced Jörg Pilawa with his whole body as he made his quiz comeback on his former SAT.1 issuer. “Celebrities play for a good cause.” In fact, it turned out to be a fun game night that didn’t take itself too seriously. It is stupid that the concept is maintained.

The world champion of the routine smile is back on SAT.1: 22 years after his last show at the Bällchensender, Jörg Pilawa led his comeback show “Quiz für Dich”. A tailor-made start with candidates in good spirits, but a real deficiency in the concept of the program. (Image: SAT.1 / Julia Feldhagen)

A colorful modern setting, animated game show participants like Jeannine Michaelsen, Ralf Schmitz, Pierre M. Krause and Henning Baum who are really funny and of course a moderator who, after what seemed like millions and millions of TV game shows shows, which had been carried out with confidence, nothing more Calmness: “Quiz für Dich”, the entertainment program that started on Wednesday on SAT.1 with Jörg Pilawa, who has returned from the station, can really do no wrong . In fact!

And so the game participants laughed at the party mood and let the punches explode. One of the best, because she lied the most blatantly, was, “I can only read the news,” said Linda Zervakis. The former ARD spokesperson “Tagesschau” has long been more versatile as a news and talk presenter at ProSieben. Zervakis is really funny, extremely witty and always ready to make fun of himself. When Pilawa asked her about vegetarian and vegan eating habits, she simply rolled her eyes “indignantly”: “I’m Greek!” She didn’t have to say more. The studio audience erupted in laughter.

Ralf Schmitz, Pierre M. Krause, Jeannine Michaelsen, Linda Zervakis, and Jörg Pilawa in

“I think Ralf is called through the glasses”: The first guessing matchup between Ralf Schmitz/Pierre M. Krause and Jeannine Michaelsen/Linda Zervakis was in high spirits. And Jörg Pilawa had to put up with some ridicule. (Image: SAT.1 / Julia Feldhagen)

Pointless contests in the test buzzer

The two comedians Ralf Schmitz and Pierre M. Krause, who were actually supposed to team up but almost missed the doorbell button for all the nonsense, harmonized just as well in the taunting competition. They also didn’t always take themselves too seriously. Then Krause looked at the question of what apprenticeship ProSieben colleague Klaas Heufer-Umlauf once learned, cluelessly played with his messy hair in the room: “What is a hairdresser?”

Of course, there was little that was really original in the “new” quiz show, because the game cannot be reinvented with everyday knowledge spread out, sometimes something out of the ordinary. But she is understanding nonetheless. Also because Jörg Pilawa, who likes to present himself as a “test guy”, puts on a lot of weight. Jeannine Michaelsen, for example, complained when she got an answer wrong and Pilawa didn’t understand a thing: “Prune used to be better too!”

“You make quite a bit of money on SAT.1”

It was a TV memory game. After all, Kai Pflaume was a presenter on SAT.1 at one point. Perhaps one day he too will return as Pilawa. The synthetically clean and colorful world of television sometimes just revolves around itself, and the only thing that bothers you a bit is the question of what good contracts colleagues might have negotiated when they changed the channel.

“You make quite a bit of money on SAT.1,” Michaelsen joked to his game partner Ralf Schmitz, who had also found his way back to the ball transmitter. He recently returned from RTL to Munich-Unterföhring. Schmitz cheekily replied, “My name is not Pilawa.”

But Jörg Pilawa would not be the great veteran of television entertainment that he is if he allowed himself to be provoked. He smiled politely at her attempts to break his composure. “SAT.1 is not good for him,” joked Jeannine Michaelsen. Pilawa smiled. “As soon as he’s on SAT.1, the pressure builds,” he said. But even then he smiled like a guy.

In fact, Pilawa even knew how to defend herself very elegantly, with kindness, but also with bite. “If the farmer can’t swim, it’s his swimsuit’s fault,” he joked when his candidates went back to looking for excuses.

The wooden understudy stays behind

It’s stupid that the evening has stalled on at least two points: one of them turned out to be comparatively harmless and predictable. After the capstone fireworks that the two-playing duos Michaelsen/Zervakis and Schmitz/Krause had lit in the first half of the show, things got noticeably calmer with the “second cast,” even a little stiff and stiff.

Former boxer Henry Maske, action star Ralf Moeller, Olympic champion Katarina Witt and actor Henning Baum couldn’t even keep up the gag density of the first part. However, at least the bassist actor from “The Last Bull” had the laughs on his side. “They talked more in an hour than I talk in a whole season,” Baum joked of the chatty colleagues in the first half.

Tears and silence among the recipients

The second restriction, however, goes much further: “Quiz für Dich” is not really any better as a celebrity edition of a quiz show, but it is also no worse than several other predecessors. Sure: “Who steals the show” at ProSieben recently came up much more original across the board. But the so-called star quiz show “Gipfel der Quizgiganten” on RTL was quite a gigantic disappointment.

What makes “Quiz für Dich” problematic is the attempt to unfortunately want to be more: the show is still designed as a tear duct suppressant with reality TV appeal. All the winnings, €23,700 in the first round and €20,000 in the second round, must still be donated to “a good cause”.

To do this, SAT.1 had set up a game of hide and seek in the background. The money earned by the celebrities benefited two women who deserved support: the lovable captor Heidi from Hauenstein, who, among other things, ran a charity campaign for the victims of the Ahr Valley floods, and 22-year-old Lena , who participated in a suffering. she had a serious muscle disease and she has also successfully battled cancer of the lymph nodes.

Both women were unaware of the plan. On the contrary: SAT.1 staged a behind-the-scenes farce to surprise them, with family and friends in the know, as well as hidden cameras providing footage of a kind of media ambush. No one seemed really comfortable in Hauenstein, in the Palatinate, but neither did Jana in Hamburg. And the gritty hidden camera footage didn’t fit the studio show’s poppy style, either.

Not surprisingly, both recipients seemed caught off guard when the SAT.1’s spotlights suddenly turned on them. “I’m rarely at a loss for words, but I am now,” Heidi stammered, otherwise resolute, wiping tears from her face. She was gifted. But she probably had to feel sorry for everyone watching. The same thing happened to Lena, who also preferred to remain “speechless”. Hopefully the station will still find another way to do good, but in a less compromising way.

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