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Qatar Airways Booking Guide

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Qatar Airways was launched in 1997 since then it is one of the best airlines in the world which provides luxury services to its clients. It is not only the best airline in the world but also the youngest global airline which provides its services in six continents.

Qatar Airways is fastly growing airline in the world due to its quick response to customers and offers. It helps people to reach their destinations daily by more than 130 flights. It has the latest fleet of aircraft. 

It has won many accolades and awards, it is voted Airline of the year in 2011,2012,2015,2017,2019, and 2020 by Skytrax. It is also the most trusted airline for traveling in public.

How to Book a Flight on Qatar Airways

To book a flight just visit www.qatarairways.com and click on the book button in the above bar here you can check about flights, hotels, and other services which are necessary for your travel. The interface will look like as under

qatar airways booking
Qatar Airways Booking

Now click on the flight’s tab which will lead you towards the next window in which you will choose your desire destination, trip type means either you want to book a round trip or one-way trip or you want to visit multiple cities the last one is not found in most of the airline.  You can also book hotels and transport on the same page. 

qatar airways booking
Qatar Airways booking

After entering your details and selecting the flight of your choice just click on the beton below the table to show flights which will redirect you to this page where you can get many other offers to make your journey more enjoyable and secure 

booking qatar airways
Qatar Airways booking

Safety: COVID-19 and QatarAirways

The airline provides high quality of safety and hygiene on airport and on board. Qatar Airways was the first airline who got the prestigious 5 star rating from international air transport rating organisations Skytrax in COVID-19 airline safety. 

safety qatar airline
safety qatar airline

For the safety of passengers and staff Qatar airways issue many safety measures which are also very helpful in overwhelming situations some of them are 

Check in Online

Qatar Airways provides online check in which reduces interactions of people at the airport. You can download your boarding pass through your laptop and print it at home by providing your ticket number or reference number and your last name.

Check in Qatear Airways

 or your phone using Qatar airways app.

Qatar Airways App
Qatar Airways App

Checked Baggage Only

Qatar airways are not allowed hand carry to reduce the interactions. You can print your Q-tag at your home and paste it on your baggage. Just drop your baggage at the customer service point at the airport and take advantage of a world-class self-service tool with full convenience. 

You can find the Q-Tage airport list on the website.

Face Masks are Mandatory 

All passengers should wear face masks all the time, to ensure the prevention of viruses. Qatar airways recommend bringing your own mask from home for comfort. 

Qatar airways face mask
Qatar airways Safety

Head office of Qatar Airways

The head office of Qatar Airways is at the Hamad International Airport in Doha which is a five star airport in Qatar. You can also find the head office address and other booking offices in your country by visiting the site www.qatarairways.com

Address of Qatar Airways Headoffice

Qatar Airways Tower 1, next to Al Manna Building, Airport Road

Doha, Qatar

Head office Qatar airways
Head office Qatar airways

Working hours : 

Saturday to Thursday 08:00 – 19:00 | Friday: 16:00 – 19:00

Tel :

 +974 4022 6000

Fax :

 +974 4462 1533

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