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“Putin, you are a murderer”: Ukraine’s ambassador testifies to the “collective failure” of German policy – Berlin

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Andriy Melnyk spoke calmly and quite quietly from the lectern of the Berlin House of Representatives. But his words were not without shock, clarity and, at times, sharpness in the face of the catastrophe currently unfolding in his native country.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany addressed parliamentarians in the federal capital on Thursday at the beginning of the current time, and in doing so acknowledged the mistakes in German policy in dealing with Russia under Vladimir Putin. Referring to the Berlin Airlift more than 70 years ago, he called for a supply corridor to Ukraine by land and also called for an import ban on Russian raw materials.

“What is happening in Mariupol today is worse than in Aleppo,” Melnyk said, recalling Russian attacks on the Syrian city in 2016. “The world looked the other way, Germany looked the other way: Putin should have been stopped then. he has failed.”

Putin is waging a war of annihilation against Ukraine, against innocent civilians, against women and children, the ambassador explained, while showing photographs of children, parents and grandparents who were victims of the war. Many were shot while fleeing in their vehicles. A children’s hospital in Mariupol was bombed on Wednesday. In this city alone there are more than 1,200 dead civilians.

“Mariupol has been bombed for 14 days, day and night.” The city was surrounded. A lockdown like in the Middle Ages, no electricity, no heating. “You collect snow to drink.” Everything was reduced to rubble. “Putin, you are a murderer. You will burn in hell for all eternity,” the Ukrainian ambassador told the Russian president.

Melnyk demands the processing of “all Russian connections”

Why would German politicians have “made socially acceptable” Putin’s aggressive policies? Melnyk asked. Russia’s policy of Germany had “failed miserably.” The ambassador made a historical comparison: “Through appeasement, the political class could not prevent a great war in the center of Europe, the worst since 1945.” It would be hypocritical today to say that Putin’s plans were wrong. “It is also hypocritical to hastily distance yourself from this collective failure.”

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Therefore, the German public needs an “honest debate” and a reassessment of “all connections with Russia”, above all to “correct the serious mistakes of the last decades”. Correct decisions are needed today “so that this political fiasco does not happen again, ever again,” Melnyk said.

A European cultural nation with its own history, that is the image of their country that the Ukrainians would expect from the Germans. They want to establish a cultural institute in Berlin. “We ask them to found several bilingual European schools,” said the ambassador. More than 12,000 Ukrainians already lived here in Berlin. And there would be more.

“You need the Berlin Airlift 2.0, only by land”

He also called for more support for those still in the country. “We need a supply corridor to Ukraine to provide people with food and medicine. We need a Berlin Airlift 2.0, only this time overland,” Melnyk said, recalling supply from West Berlin, which was cut off from the Soviet blockade, in 1948 and 1949. “We must not sit idly by. We are also fighting for their freedom,” says Melnyk. The deputies applauded.

Bulletproof helmets and protective gear are needed in Ukraine, says Melnyk. But so far only machine guns have arrived. Hundreds of thousands would volunteer in Ukraine. The Federal Republic of Germany must increase sanctions against Putin. “A stop of import of Russian raw materials must come. Please help us put an end to this Armageddon.”

Governor Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) offered the prospect of a “rail bridge for relief supplies”, which she spoke to Deutsche Bahn about. Berlin will help ensure that relief supplies and donations reach Ukraine. The city is showing an enormous willingness to help. They are prepared to initially accommodate 20,000 refugees.

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