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Putin sees Russian culture and JK Rowling as victims of Western “cancel culture”

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In a meeting with people from the arts and culture industry, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of a Nazi-style campaign against Russian culture. “The last time the Nazis carried out such a massive campaign to destroy indecent literature in Germany was almost 90 years ago,” Putin said at the meeting on Friday. “Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and Rachmaninov will be removed from concert advertisements, Russian authors and their books will also be banned,” Putin said, referring to Nazi book burnings in Hitler’s Germany.

The West is trying to “cancel” its people

“Today, an entire thousand-year-old country, they are trying to ‘write off’ our people,” Putin said on the day of cultural workers. Everything related to Russia is discriminated against, with the consent of the ruling elites. In this context, he named Harry Potter author Joanne K. Rowling as another victim of Western “cancel” culture. The writer was repeatedly criticized for statements in the gender debate and received death threats.

she talked about against the social and legal equality of trans women with women who were already born with female sexual organs.

Rowling responded via Twitter

However, she does not want to be monopolized by the Russian president. In response to her complaint of her intolerance, she wrote via Twitter: This criticism should not be voiced by those who “are currently massacring civilians for their resistance or jailing and poisoning their critics.”

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