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Putin and Erdogan invited to Tehran: open differences at the summit


Status: 07/20/2022 05:01

Russian President Putin met his Iranian and Turkish counterparts in Tehran. There, the constellation of three wanted to demonstrate unity – but the differences became clear when it came to Syria.

By Karin Senz, ARD Studio Istanbul

Many in the West would say: the bad guys were among themselves – yesterday in Tehran. Russian President Putin, who attacked Ukraine, his Iranian counterpart Raisi and Supreme Leader Khamenei, whose country is supposed to build a nuclear bomb, and troubled his NATO partner Erdogan.

But it was already obvious yesterday morning that there is no pure harmony between them. There, Khamenei receives Erdogan. The Turkish president wants his partners in Astana format, as the three-way constellation of Russia, Iran and Turkey over Syria is called, an OK for his new offensive in northern Syria.

Nothing will come of it. According to Khamenei’s website, he told him that such a military operation would be detrimental to Syria, Turkey and the region. Erdogan does not seem impressed. In the evening, he said in Tehran: “We expect our partners in Astana to honestly support our efforts to ensure stability in Syria.

Disagreement over Turkish military action in northern Syria

Erdogan and Khamenei sit at a distance on sparse wooden chairs, the only decoration is a picture of former revolutionary leader Khomeini on the wall and an Iranian flag – not Turkish – at least not to be seen. A few hours later, Russian President Putin is seated in the same unadorned setting.

As in previous offensives in northern Syria, Erdogan wants to act against the Kurdish YPG militia, which he sees as the Syrian offshoot of the Kurdish PKK in Turkey. Both are dangerous terrorist organizations for him.

In the evening, in the group of three, he complained: “We keep hearing from your friends that you appreciate Turkey’s security concerns. I am also grateful to you. But words alone do not heal wounds. That the PKK and YPG terrorist organizations are at least 30 kilometers from the Turkish border. Holding the Turkish border is a requirement that was agreed some time ago.” The Turkish president does not believe this requirement is met and insists on an attack.

Putin wants to show unity

But Putin also announced through his spokesperson that they reject a Turkish military operation in northern Syria. He himself is much more lenient: “I am convinced that our countries will work more closely together when it comes to eliminating the last centers of international terrorism on Syrian territory. The presence of the IS terrorist militia and other extremist groups in Syria must be ended. forever will be.”

He does not name the YPG. For Putin, it seems important to show unity despite the differences. After all, the West is trying to isolate him for his attack on Ukraine. So it suits him to show up with a member of NATO. And Erdogan even explicitly calls him “dear friend” at one point.

Iranian President Raisi highlighted what was later found in similar form in a final statement on the Tehran Tripartite Summit. It is necessary to safeguard the territorial integrity and integrity, respect for national sovereignty and the independence of the Syrian Arab Republic, he said. “The fate of this country can only be determined by its people themselves within the framework of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and without foreign interference.”

Gazprom invests billions in Iran

Various agreements are more tangible, for example in economic matters, that Turkey and Iran sign. And Putin brings the good news of a big investment in Tehran. The Russian company Gazprom wants to develop Iranian gas and oil fields with 40 billion dollars.

Although – soon there will be no more dollars. Khamenei demands that the US currency slowly disappear from world trade. Iran demonstratively introduced the ruble for currency brokers yesterday. The signal from the three in Tehran in the west is clear: we can do without you.


Source www.tagesschau.de

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