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Purim party. Jews celebrate anniversary of foiling ‘conspiracy’

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From the “Book of Esther” to fun masquerades, Jews around the world begin celebrating Purim this Wednesday night.

The ‘Punches’, which lasts until Friday, is so much fun that in many Israeli cities and around the world it looks like a carnival.

According to the “Al-Ain News” reporter’s tracking, stores in Israel were active with displays of costumes for children to wear during the holidays.

According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, “Purm, which is celebrated commemorating the salvation of the Jews and thwarting Haman’s plot to exterminate them, has become a symbol of the victory of the Jewish people over the rule of anti-Semitic tyranny. ”

The ministry said: “Haman invented one of the most heinous anti-Semitic slanders, that the Jews are a strange and fanatical people who do not observe the laws of the countries in which they live. At Haman’s initiative, the order was given to massacre all the Jews in the Persian Empire, but after that it is said in the Book of Esther that Haman’s plot was foiled.”

The Fast of Esther.. Rituals and Traditions

According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, “the day that falls one day before Purim falls on a fast day known as the Fast of Esther.”

And this day, according to the ministry, is the memory of the fast that Queen Esther, along with the entire Jewish people, fasted before asking King Ahasuerus to cancel the execution of Haman’s annihilation plot.

The fast extends from sunrise to sunset, and special prayers are recited and Torah texts are read within the scope of the prayer held in the synagogue.

After sunset, festive prayers are held in the synagogues, where the Book of Esther is also read aloud.

One of the Jewish traditions on this holiday is that “children come to the synagogue in disguise, and the faithful make a great noise every time Haman’s name is mentioned during the recitation of the Book of Esther.” According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Purim festival includes the sending of gifts from each person to their owner, special gifts for the poor, holding a festive banquet on Eid afternoon, collecting donations for charity, and visiting neighbors and friends to deliver baskets of food, the most important of which are small triangular cakes filled with poppies.

In many places in Israel, special performances are held on Purim, the most famous of which is in Tel Aviv.

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