They warn that the agreements will become increasingly difficult with the upcoming elections


Several PSOE officials consulted by Europa Press hope that the changes in the party, which Secretary General Pedro Sánchez is expected to make at the Federal Committee this Saturday, will serve to improve relations with parliamentary partners, which towards the end of the year are becoming more and more important legislatures seem more complicated.

In this sense, they have indicated that the PSOE has to deal with relations with partners, which have already been complicated in recent months – with disagreements with the ERC and votes saved by the minimum – and that they are becoming even more difficult, according to a outstanding board member.

They are suggesting that as the next election approaches, each faction sees the need to set its own profile and the deals will become even tougher.

In that sense, a veteran senator points out that Adriana Lastra’s resignation as deputy general secretary opens the door for sweeping changes in the executive branch, all the more so when it comes from a parliamentary period when things could have been done better opined.


The aim would be to avoid situations such as the labor reform vote, which came about thanks to a mistake made by a PP MP, or the confirmation of the first anti-crisis decree, adopted at the last minute with the votes of Bildu after the votes of the ERC rejection.

Also others taking place in the Senate this week, where approval of some changes the government had not anticipated prevented final implementation of the Bankruptcy Act, the Only Yes is Yes Act and the Science Act, which will have by end of the summer after he returns to Congress.

The above sources therefore point to the relationship with the partners as the main issue to consider when implementing the changes in party leadership, even beyond the communication issue which they admit has blamed the government for the difficulties in mediation its message and achievements.


In this context, the name of Patxi López, current MP and former Lehendakari and President of the Congress of MPs, reappears, whom several sources want to see in a position of greater responsibility. They think the party should make more use of the political capital of the Basque leader, whom they call a reference for the socialists.

On the other hand, the above executive sources question the departure of organizing secretary Santos Cerdán, although others take it for granted, arguing that it would be a mistake to leave the party without their “number three” at this time, in which the electoral apparatus is short before the local and regional elections next spring and the general elections at the end of 2023.

They also doubt that Sánchez will eliminate Lastra’s occupied assistant secretary general, although that option has been gaining strength in recent hours, as the federal committee’s agenda says they will address “the structure of the federal executive commission and factions.”

In this regard, it should be remembered that Sánchez has the possibility of appointing a new Deputy Secretary General to replace Adriana Lastra or, on the contrary, to replace this position and transfer his powers to the Organization Secretariat.

In any case, the above sources defend that the figure of deputy general secretary is retained to lead the party, all the more so when the party leader is in La Moncloa as governor.

Source europapress.es

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