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PS5 games: Microsoft accuses Sony of sabotaging the Xbox Game Pass



August 11, 2022 at 12:09 p.m.

Exclusive PS5 games aren’t uncommon, but now Microsoft is raising allegations against Sony. The company sabotaged Xbox Game Pass through exclusivity.

Microsoft accuses Sony of sabotaging Game Pass. (Source: Twitter screenshot Geronimo_73)

  • Microsoft accuses Sony of sabotaging Xbox Game Pass.
  • Sony reportedly paid developers to not have their games published in Game Pass.
  • The exclusivity of the games is an indication that Sony is afraid of the Microsoft model.

Not all PS5 games are also available for Xbox Series X/S, because even though cross-play is on the rise, exclusive games are still not uncommon.

As Microsoft now plans to buy Activision Blizzard, tension between Sony and the Xbox company continues to mount.

More recently, the PlayStation company had come out against the sale to Microsoft and Microsoft is now said to be making serious allegations.

Allegations against Sony

In a document to Brazil’s Economic Defense Board, Microsoft allegedly accused Sony of paying developers to block their titles from appearing in Game Pass. VGC reported.

As the Xbox company explains, Sony would be afraid of the innovative business model, which shows the exclusivity strategy of games for PS5 and PS4. Sony sees its business model endangered by the introduction of new monetization models.

It doesn’t seem so unlikely that Sony is genuinely concerned about the company’s position. After all, an analyst announced the demise of the PlayStation company some time ago.

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