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Protocol for the return of the fasting breakfast tent assembly activity

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The UAE National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, in coordination with its main partners, announced a protocol for the return of Iftar tent activity, which will come into force with the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan for the anus. 2022.
This is in line with the state’s strategy to maintain the health and safety of society in light of the continuation of various activities and in support of national efforts to achieve a sustainable recovery and return of a new normal life to the state. .

The protocol establishes the importance of obtaining prior permission to set up fasting iftar tents issued by the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, taking into account that local committees and teams for emergency, crisis and disaster management in each emirate have the authority to approve the installation. of these tents, allocate the number allowed for one tent and specify the places for Iftar tents in coordination with the Red Crescent.

The protocol also included the mandatory design of the stores in the form of a canopy open on all sides or heated depending on the increase in temperatures, provided that the store has all the necessary security and protection systems.

The protocol highlights that “the capacity of the fasting breakfast tents is determined by the local committees and teams of each emirate, provided that the physical distance of one meter between people is applied, ensuring the provision of security guards or volunteers to organize the entry”. and exit process, in addition to providing signs at all entrances and exits, and avoiding shaking hands, and only greetings and peace from a distance.

The protocol clarified that “the opening of stores to receive fasting people occurs two hours before the time of Iftar (the call to prayer of the Maghreb) to avoid congestion, with the mandatory application of the green traffic system according to each emirate when entering iftar fasting tents Instruct people to adhere to all precautionary and preventive measures, such as wearing masks, physical distancing and constant hand sterilization.

The protocol referred to the mandatory use of single-use tablecloths, highlighting the importance of maintaining a distance of one meter between people when sitting at the table, and pointed out that it is recommended and preferred to use plates, glasses and single-use spoons. for each individual.

The authority pointed out that “all the measures announced in the current national protocol are subject to modification based on the global and local health situation, and called on members of society to cooperate and adhere to all preventive measures to face the Corona virus to preserve the achievements”. of recovery and coexistence that the UAE has achieved today”.

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