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Protesters warned traders not to open their businesses in Ambato

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Megaphone in hand and on board vehicles, several people alerted, in the middle of the night of this Sunday, the citizens of Ambato not to open their Commercial buildings facing the eighth day of mobilizations requested by social organizations.

“Tomorrow, no business will open. Because tomorrow we’re going to take over the city, we’re going to take things drastically.

Likewise, users reported that among the plans to entice citizens to join the protests would be cutting off the water supply. At the same time, during this weekend demonstrators tried to puncture the tires of vehicles circulating in the city.

Several acts of looting have been reported in the country. Guayaquil, Latacunga and Quito witnessed the greatest number of these events; even bakeries, shops or supermarkets were not spared.

The president of the National Assembly (Parliament) of Ecuador, Virgil Saquiselacalled a plenary session for this Monday to discuss the possible repeal of the partial state of exception signed by the President Guillaume Lassoin order to stop social protest against the government.

Saquisela also requested that during the same session of the plenary session be analyzed a resolution to immediately convene a dialogue table at the President Lasso and the leaders of the indefinite national strike against the economic policy of the executive.

The representative of the Legislative, in a press conference held this Saturday, assured that the request for repeal has been signed by 72 of the 137 legislators who make up the plenary session of the Assembly and that the legal formalities have been respected, thus his le treatment is imperative.

He clarified that the debate session will take place on Monday afternoon at the Legislative Palace, in the center-north of Quito, which would also be the location of the dialogue table that he suggested and at which, according to what he said, “no one” in the Legislature should oppose it.

“We don’t want the country to convulse,” Saquisela added,

Source metroecuador.com

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