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Protest in Ohio: Another demonstration after the death of a black man

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Status: 04.07.2022 04:00

After the death of a 25-year-old, protests against police brutality erupted again in Akron. Authorities previously said the victim’s body had approximately 60 gunshot wounds.

In the US state of Ohio, protesters have again expressed outrage over the death of a black man during a police operation. Several hundred protesters marched through the city of Akron on Sunday, where 25-year-old Jayland Walker was shot and killed by police a few days earlier. The crowd marched to City Hall to demand “Justice for Jayland”. It was the fourth straight day of protests against deadly police brutality in Akron. As on previous days, the demonstration was peaceful.

Police released several videos of the June 27 operation on Sunday. Body camera footage shows Walker, 25, killed by dozens of gunshots after a police chase. At this point, he was unarmed. Similar murderous police operations occur regularly in the United States.

Mayor calls footage ‘heartbreaking’

Police said officers wanted to arrest Walker, 25, for a traffic violation. But he fled in his car. Police say he fired a shot at the same time. When he finally continued the escape on foot, he was said to be wearing a ski mask. The police first tried to arrest him with Tasers, then shot him. According to the police, the body of the young man of 25 years has 60 gunshot wounds. It’s unclear exactly how many times he was hit, as it could be both entry and exit wounds.

Protests erupted in Akron after the incident. Mayor Dan Horrigan called on townspeople to remain peaceful. He called the police body camera footage “heartbreaking”. “It’s very hard to take,” he said at a press conference. The mother of the deceased, Pamela Walker, also spoke on local television. “I can only say that I have never been so sad in my life,” she said. “Why did this happen – in such a horrible way?”

Police first said in a news release last week that the suspect’s behavior led officers to believe he posed a deadly threat to them.

Source www.tagesschau.de

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