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Prosopagnosia: the strange disease from which Brad Pitt suffers and for which he does not recognize faces

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The subject of neurological disorders can be extremely complicated for some due to the strange effects they can have on the mind and how it works, despite this they tend to be more common than many realize and brad pitt could suffer from one of the most studied, is the case of prosopagnosia.

According to the center for study and research on prosopagnosia, this neurological disorder is present in one in fifty people, which makes it an extremely common condition, it can also appear for many reasons or be present from birth, hampering the development of individuals.

Brad Pitt assures that he could suffer from prosopagnosia, we tell you all about the strange disease

During a recent interview with GQ, the Oscar-winning actor opened up about the condition, also known as face blindness, saying that in recent years he had trouble remembering people’s faces and often ended up offend others because of his inability. recognize faces

Previously, in 2013, he spoke with psychic Esquire and said, “A lot of people hate me because they think I disrespect them. But it’s a mystery to me. I can’t catch a face.” Prosopagnosia makes the brain unable to recognize faces or even distinguish them from other objects.

The condition is not a memory problem, as the person’s memory may still be there, simply that the logical connection the brain makes between the image of a particular face and said person becomes increasingly muddled and even it can even disappear completely in the extreme case of the disease.

How do you know if you have prosopagnosia?

Fortunately, Pitt has all the tools at his fingertips to help him figure out what to do about his condition, but other people can go their whole lives with prosopagnosia without even knowing it and just thinking. that they have a bad memory, which is why a professional should consult a specialist before any symptoms.

It can be even more difficult when it comes to children, as they take it for granted and grow up unaware that they are dysfunctional. An easy way to find out is to see if the person can describe the face of someone very close to them or to identify if they find it difficult to follow stories in movies or on television because they confuse the character identity.

Source metroecuador.com

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