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Princess Victoria: her daughter Estelle too young to have fun in concert? Hof reacts to outrage among politicians


Princess Victoria and her family enjoy the summer holidays in Öland and attend concerts in the ruins of Borgholm Castle. Princess Estelle in particular has a lot of fun doing it. This does not suit a politician at all. Now the court has spoken.

Whether with dad Prince Daniel, 48, and mum Princess Victoria, 45, or without the latter: Princess Estelle, 10, dances and laughs happily at the summer concert in the ruins of Borgholm Castle on the island of Öland and sings loudly. Several of these delicious shots have been in the press over the past few weeks. The sun almost stole the show from the performers on stage.

In an interview with the magazine “Svensk Damtidning”, politician Pia Schröder now denounces Daniel and Victoria’s decision to take Estelle to evening concerts and even accuses the crown prince couple of not respecting the law.

Princess Victoria: A politician is angry at the celebration of Estelle

It is well known that all members of the Swedish royal family love music. In addition to the Solliden Sessions, Victoria and Co. attend many concerts in the ruins of Borgholm Castle in the summer and can be seen on the VIP stand. Princess Estelle is there quite often this summer – sometimes with her parents, sometimes with her uncle Prince Carl Philip, 43, and her aunt Princess Sofia, 37. The 10-year-old girl obviously had a lot of fun.

Photographer Suvad Mrkonjic told Svensk Damtidning: “About a minute after Estelle and Daniel arrived, the crowd saw them and they started cheering and stealing the show.

Shouldn’t Victoria’s family also “follow the rules and the laws?”

Those present also love the appearance of the Swedish royal family – with the exception of politician Pia Schröder. She points out that the general recommendation from the Public Health Agency is that noise levels should be lower where children under 13 have access. The problem: there is an age limit for concerts in the castle ruins, which often take place in the evening. Only children over the age of 13 are allowed to attend the event.

“However, that doesn’t seem to apply to 10-year-old Estelle Bernadotte, the future Queen of Sweden,” an outraged Schröder says, saying, “Shouldn’t the Bernadotte family be setting a good example and stick to the rules and laws that apply to all of us? Or don’t they apply to everyone?” She accuses the family and organizers of “bad” behavior.

Princess Estelle and Princess Victoria

And what does the court say about the serious allegations? Margareta Thorgren, information officer at the farm, replied to the Swedish newspaper “Ölandsbladet” with a short and direct: “It’s not something we comment on”.

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