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Princess Madeleine: Her summer plans remain secret


Royal Family news in the GALA ticker: Princess Madeleine’s summer plans remain secret +++ Princess Charlene’s niece Camille Gottlieb shares her private impressions of the Red Cross ball +++ C This is the reason Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar are looking forward to Victoria Day.

Royal News 2022 in the GALA ticker

July 20, 2022

When will Princess Madeleine return to the United States?

On July 14, 2022, Princess Madeleine, 40, celebrated her sister Victoria’s 45th birthday in Sweden with her family, since then the 40-year-old has not been seen at official events. Is she enjoying the summer now? Illu ‘Hänt’ asked the court what the royal family’s holiday plans looked like – and got the following answer. “The royal family is on summer vacation. As it is a private holiday, we do not comment on it,” writes the court’s information secretary, Ulrika Näsholm.

The palace also does not want to reveal when Princess Madeleine will return to Florida with her children. “We also cannot say when Princess Madeleine and her family will return to the United States, as this is a private trip,” Ulrika Näsholm said. It seems that Madeleine still wants to make the most of her summer in Sweden, as she recently announced in an interview.

July 19, 2022

Princess Charlene’s niece Camille Gottlieb shares her personal impressions of the Red Cross Ball

On Monday evening July 18, 2022, the annual Red Cross Ball took place in Monte-Carlo. Princess Charlene, 44, posed on the red carpet with husband Prince Albert, 64, and niece Camille Gottlieb, 24. The youngest daughter of Stephanie of Monaco, 57, wore a stunning black dress with gold details by Valentino. The 24-year-old obviously enjoyed the gala as she now posts private snaps from the event on her Instagram story.

In this way, your followers will be able to see your place card and the program booklet. Moreover, the young Monegasque shares a photo of the delicious-looking dessert, in addition to a mini strawberry tart, a richly decorated chocolate cake was served. Of course, a selfie should not be missing from the series of photos: Camille poses on a balcony, behind her we can see the many guests. But for Camille, the appearance of Alicia Keys, 41, seems to have been the absolute highlight of the event, as she posts several recordings and misses those white heart emojis.

© instagram.com/camillerosegottlieb

Princess Madeleine: The court does not want to answer these questions about her summer vacation

© instagram.com/camillerosegottlieb

July 18, 2022

This is why Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar shot their nanny on Victoria Day

Two members of the royal family were in a hurry on Victoria Day! Princess Estelle, 10, and her brother Prince Oscar, 6, were in high spirits at Borgholm Castle on the birthday of their mother, Princess Victoria, 45. But one situation demanded a little patience from both of them: as Margareta Thorgren, information manager at the farm, revealed, Estelle and Oscar were in dire need after the carriage ride.

The princess and her little brother made the trip through the town of Borgholm like true professionals. Then, however, the childish side of the two mini royals kicked in: all they had to do was go to the bathroom. The two quickly grabbed their nanny Elvira and, smiling and jostling each other a bit, tugged at their hands. “We will be back soon,” Princess Estelle reportedly shouted, according to “Svensk Damtidning,” before taking her nanny with her. The pictures of the situation are sweet! Estelle has a big smile on her face and Oscar can’t help but laugh as they both drag her away. These photos prove it: the siblings took their nanny, who has been with them since 2019, very close to their hearts.

Princess Estelle, Nanny Elvira and Prince Oscar

Princess Estelle, Nanny Elvira and Prince Oscar

© Dana Press

Princess Madeleine + Princess Sofia: Concert evening without children on Victoria Day

On July 14, 2022, the Swedish Royal Family traditionally celebrated Princess Victoria’s birthday on the island of Öland, this year the Crown Princess turned 45. This year, in addition to Victoria’s carriage ride, Prince Daniel, 48, and their children Princess Estelle, 10, and Prince Oscar, 6, Victoria’s Grand Concert in the ruins of Borgholm Castle was the highlight of the day.

In the front row, besides Victoria’s family, were King Carl Gustaf, 76, and Queen Silvia, 78, as well as Prince Carl Philip, 43, with his wife Princess Sofia, 37, and the Princess Madeleine, 40 years old. Chris O’Neill, 48, could not be there, he had to return to the United States to work. Madeleine’s children, Princess Leonor, 8, Prince Nicolas, 7, and Adrienne, 4, and her brother’s offspring Prince Alexander, 6, Prince Gabriel, 4, and Prince Julian, 1 years, also stayed away from the concert. Yet they were not far from their family, as the royal family’s information officer, Margareta Thorgren, told Swedish newspaper Expressen today: “They are here [auf Schloss Solliden, Anm. d. Red.], and the weather is nice, so it’s a great vacation for the royal family. Of course, it’s a lot of fun for the whole royal family, especially when the cousins ​​get together.” Thorgren adds that time together would mean a lot to the royal couple: “It’s nice for the king and queen , their children and to have grandchildren together. It’s wonderful for her.”

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