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Princess Amalia has been harshly criticized for her choice of studies

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Royal family news in the GALA ticker: Dutch historian finds Princess Amalia’s study choice ‘shallow’ +++ Princess Märtha Louise and fiancé Durek post bizarre video.

Royal News 2022 in the GALA ticker

August 2, 2022

The Dutch historian dismisses Princess Amalia’s choice of studies as “superficial”.

In September, 18-year-old Princess Amalia will begin a new phase in her life: the heiress to the Dutch throne will move to Amsterdam to start her bachelor’s degree in politics, psychology, law and economics (PPLE) at the University of Amsterdam. The palace announced it on the official Instagram account in May this year. Historian Maarten van Rossem, 78, has no more kind words for this career, which the princess has carefully considered.

In the Dutch TV quiz “De Slimste Mens” he recently criticized Amalia’s decision and even thinks it’s a mistake. “Of course you have to do something, but it’s a first-class fun package,” says van Rossem, according to news portal ‘Metronieuws’. The reason? The historian calls the princess’s choice of subjects superficial: “It’s a piñata of superficiality. It has nothing to do with university studies” – which he is very surprised about, because: “It’s a very smart girl, it seems.” It is a bitter assessment with which Maarten van Rossem risks attracting the wrath of many Dutch people. Because the college admissions process is considered demanding, only a few participants get one of the coveted spots. According to the study site, only 215 people were admitted in September 2020.

August 1, 2022

Princess Märtha Louise and Durek Verrett cause irritation online

Princess Märtha Louise, 50, and her fiancé Durek Verrett, 47, are currently causing a stir on social media. The shaman posts a video he took with his sweetheart and actor Jake Hunter. The clip first shows Märtha sitting on a bench with her durek and eating a salad. “I need a towel,” said the Norwegian princess. “I’ll get you one,” his partner replies, rushes over to Jake Hunter, who is playing the part of a passerby, and rips off his shirt.

“What is that for? Hunter asks, to which Durek replies, “It’s for the princess.” A confused-looking Märtha Louise accepts the torn shirt and hesitantly thanks him. What is this disturbing video about? This isn’t what the couple’s day-to-day looks like, with this recording the princess and the shaman are just trending TikTok. For several weeks, countless videos have been circulating on the social media platform in which a person’s top is used as a towel. Fans seem to appreciate the couple’s humor, as below the post are a number of laughing emojis and enthusiastic comments.

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