In fact, Prince Frederik and Princess Mary are very popular with Danish people. But now a survey briefly shows a clear drop in the popularity scale.

The scandal surrounding the exclusive Herlufsholm boarding school, which Prince Christian, 16, eldest son of Prince Frederik, 54, and Princess Mary, 50, attended until the summer holidays of 2022, has caused waves. A TV documentary revealed violence and bullying among students. Nevertheless, the heir to the throne was initially reluctant to remove his firstborn from the school which made headlines. And Princess Isabelle, 15, who is moving to school, has not been questioned. This apparently irritated the Danes, who expected the royal family to distance themselves sooner.

Prince Frederik and Princess Mary: Their popularity took a hit

It was also critically seen that Mary was very active against bullying with her “Mary Fonden” foundation, but was now reluctant to take a clear stance. According to the newspaper “BT”, the couple experienced a serious crisis, which also affected their popularity. Finally, on June 26, 2022, Frederik and Mary announced that their children would (no longer) visit Herlufsholm. This made the situation easier.

With the Herlufsholm scandal, popularity declined a bit

According to its own declarations, “BT” regularly carries out polls via the analysis institute “YouGov” in order to measure the popularity of the royal family. The crisis surrounding Herlufsholm has apparently affected the popularity of the heir to the throne and his wife, at least somewhat. In January 2022, just before Princess Mary’s 50th birthday, all was well, according to the newspaper. As a result, 81% of Danes surveyed rated the 50-year-old as “good” or “very good”. She even passed Queen Margrethe, 82, who landed 80%.

The royal couple is on the rise again

In the spring of 2022 there were revelations about Herlufsholm and the focus was also on the heir to the throne. Polls fell a few percentage points in June. Only 75% of respondents would have found Mary “good” or “very good”. So you’ve lost six percentage points in the last few months. The situation is similar with Prince Frederik: in January, 82% of survey participants found him “good” or “very good”. In June, the rating was only 77%.

But the two royal darlings are already on the rise again: Mary and Frederik are now three percentage points above their respective worst marks. And when their two eldest return to school away from Herlufsholm in the fall, the parents’ hesitant behavior, which was criticized, will probably have long since sprouted and the “Notenspiegel” in the topic “Popularity” will find its old ones again. qualities.

Source used: bt.dk


Source www.gala.de

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