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Prince Albert + Princess Charlene: New photo for the 11th wedding anniversary

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News from the royal family in the GALA ticker: Princess Charlene posts new photo for wedding day +++ Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf relax in Sainte-Maxime +++ Queen Letizia meets the granddaughters of the Bidens.

Royal News 2022 in the GALA ticker

July 1, 2022

Princess Charlene of Monaco publishes an unpublished photo with Prince Albert

Princess Charlene of Monaco, 44, is back on Instagram after a long hiatus – and for good reason. The former swimmer and Prince Albert, 64, celebrate their eleventh wedding anniversary on July 1, 2022. On this occasion, Charlène shares an unpublished couple photo.

The recording shows the 44-year-old on her husband’s side. The two look happily at the camera. The mother-of-two writes: “Happy birthday.”

Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf on vacation in the south of France

Queen Silvia, 78, and King Carl Gustaf, 76, are currently having fun on the French Riviera. As often in summer, the royal couple rests in Sainte-Maxime, a small town in the south of France, and lets their souls hang in their Villa Mirage residence. Also present: Prince Carl Philip, 43, Princess Sofia, 37, and their three sons, Prince Alexander, 6, Prince Gabriel, 4, and Prince Julian, 1.

According to “Dana Press”, the Swedish extended family is currently sailing through the Mediterranean on Carl Gustaf’s yacht “Polaris”. Outfitted in peaked caps and sunglasses, the royals enjoy time together in breezy casual clothes and carry on a tradition they have come to love. However, the Swedish royal family will not stay too long in France, because July 14 is Victoria Day. For Princess Victoria’s 45th birthday, the royal family will of course meet at Solliden Castle.

Queen Letizia: Warm meeting with Jill Biden and her granddaughters

Jill Biden, 71, clearly enjoyed her time in Spain for the NATO summit. Many photos show how well the first lady of the United States and Queen Letizia, 49, got along. On June 28, 2022, they ended a special date together, which must have meant a lot to Jill in particular: they visited refugee families at a reception center in Madrid. Also in attendance were Jill Biden’s step-granddaughters, Finnegan, 22, and Maisy Biden, 21. They are the daughters of Joe Biden, 79, son Hunter, 52, from his first marriage to Neilia Hunter, † 30, who died prematurely.

The meeting with Queen Letizia was extremely cordial. The photos show the four women chatting animatedly and laughing together. The Spanish royal also kissed the US president’s granddaughters. No wonder Jill Biden thanked King Felipe’s wife, 54, for her hospitality a little later via Twitter: “We thank Her Majesty Queen Letizia for showing us the beauty of Spain and to gather friends in the community”.

Queen Letizia with Jill Biden and her granddaughters Finnegan (left) and Maisy Biden

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June 30, 2022

Princess Leonor: An A in Diligent Study

Princess Leonor, 16, has been enjoying her well-deserved summer vacation at home for a week. Her first year of school at UWC Atlantic College is over and the Spanish heiress to the throne can be proud: supposedly, her certificate only has top marks. A joy for the teenager, but especially for her parents King Felipe, 54, and Queen Letizia, 49. Presumably both let their eldest drift away in the fall of 2021 with concern. Changing schools and then going abroad is not child’s play.

But Leonor seems to have adapted quickly to the new environment and her learning environment. She can now reap the laurels and spend the best weeks of the year at home with her loved ones without any worries. According to sources close to her, including Hola! magazine, Leonor couldn’t have been happier with her choice of school. She prepared well for the experience and made excellent use of the almost 10 months at boarding school. During the school year, she worked very hard and studied hard so that she could bring home good grades. And now it’s time to disconnect and enjoy life!

June 29, 2022

Prince Felix and Prince Nikolai talk for the first time about their mother’s second divorce

Prince Felix, 19, and Prince Nikolai, 22, recently gave their first interview to Danish magazine “Billed Bladet” without their parents, Prince Joachim, 53, and Countess Alexandra von Frederiksborg, 57. In it, the brothers also spoke for the first time about how they experienced their mother’s second divorce. After their parents separated, the two found a loving stepfather in Alexandra’s second husband, Martin Jörgensen, from 2007.

But in 2015, Alexandra and Martin announced their love, Felix and Nikolai again had to divorce. However, this tied the Danish princes and their mother tightly together. “We were a support for our mother and she was a support for us. She is really a strong woman,” Nikolai and Felix say today. And further: “We stick together as a family. We have always been together, she has always been there for us, and of course we for her.”

Prince Frederik: when he must assume royal duties during Margrethe’s lifetime

Queen Margrethe of Denmark, 82, is in excellent health even after 50 years on the throne. But what if her health suddenly deteriorates and she is no longer able to perform her duties? The Danish media “Billed Bladet” is currently investigating this issue.

And who knows: if the Danish head of state is no longer able to carry out his governmental affairs, the “law on the conduct of state affairs in the event of a minor, sick or absent king” will come into force. force, which has anchored in the old Danish law since 1871. In this case, the queen will have to cede her functions to the heir to the throne, Prince Frederik, 54 years old. If she is unable to do so because of her poor state of health, the transfer takes place after consultation with Parliament. Although he has taken over the affairs of government, Margrethe’s eldest son will not receive the title for the time being – only upon the Queen’s death will he be made the formal King of Denmark.

June 28, 2022

How is Princess Mette-Marit after Haakon’s diagnosis?

After Princess Ingrid Alexandra, 18, in August 2021 and King Harald, 85, contracted the corona virus in March 2022, Prince Haakon, 48, has now contracted COVID-19. The royal court reported on it on Sunday morning June 26, 2022.

An official statement said he had “mild symptoms”, but concern for his wife, Princess Mette-Marit, 48, is growing. The reason: The Crown Princess has chronic pulmonary fibrosis and visited the Oslo London pub with her husband the day before Haakon tested positive, where two people were shot dead on the night of June 25. So far, no information has been given on his condition or even a positive test result has been announced, but concern is high for Mette-Marit. An infection with the corona virus could lead to the long-term consequences of the “Long Covid” for the princess, according to the Robert Koch Institute, Mette-Marit, who suffers from a chronic lung disease, is among the risk groups of course severe.

June 27, 2022

Secret Appearance! Princess Victoria and the children ring in the summer weekend

Last Saturday, June 25, the whole of Sweden celebrated its popular and well-known summer festival far beyond the country’s borders. Princess Victoria, 44, Princess Estelle, 10, and Prince Oscar, 6, kicked off the summer solstice weekend celebrations with a surprise visit out of the public eye, according to a photo that has surfaced on the Estelle Cultural Foundation’s Instagram account. However, there was no sign of Prince Daniel, 48.

Victoria and Estelle smile for the camera, only Oscar, who is holding Rio, the dog of the heir to the Swedish throne, on a leash, looking a bit sinister. The three royals viewed the foundation’s third artwork at Royal Djurgården on June 26.

Resembling a three-dimensional piece of fabric, the two-meter-tall “Bronze Wind Sculpture I” was created by Nigerian-British artist Yinka Shonibare, 59. The sculpture was inaugurated by Daniel on June 2. However, Estelle et Cie were absent from the celebrations. That’s probably why Victoria’s husband wasn’t there last Friday – and was already waiting for his family to enjoy the upcoming summer festival with them.

Caroline von Hanover portrays Prince Albert at emotional funeral service

It is a tragedy that occurred on June 19 in Monaco: firefighter Thierry Pérard died during an operation, he was only 51 years old. On June 24, 2022, he was buried in the cathedral of Monaco. Prince Albert, 64, deeply regretted “not being able to attend the national tribute in person”, as he pointed out in an official statement, but he and his family were still in Norway at the time of the funeral . Nevertheless, the regent had the flags lowered throughout the principality and raised the deceased to the rank of sergeant major of the fire brigade. He also posthumously named Thierry Pérard Knight of the Order of Saint Charles. It is extremely rare for a firefighter to die on duty in Monaco, local media report.

Albert was represented at the funeral service by his sister Caroline von Hannover, 65, and his assistant Colonel Luc Fringant. It was a moving ceremony that particularly moved Princess Caroline to tears. This is what the video recordings of the “Diocèse de Monaco” show. While Caroline was still wearing sunglasses at the start of the service, she had to remove them after several interventions by Pérard’s colleagues and relatives in order to repeatedly wipe the tears from her eyes. After the service, the 65-year-old went to see the grieving family and was also very moved: the princess wiped the tear-stained faces of the relatives and hugged one of the mourners for a long time.

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