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Prime Minister of Barbados: Empowering women is a priority to create a better future

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Mia Motley, Prime Minister of Barbados, highlighted the importance of empowering women to change the future, noting that the UAE has provided a distinguished model in women’s participation.

This came during the “How Women Influence the Development of Strategic Leadership Concepts Around the World” session, which was held at the Women in Government Forum as part of the World Government Summit 2022, and was moderated by Huda Al Hashemi, Deputy Cabinet Minister. Matters for the Strategy.

The Prime Minister of Barbados said that the experience of the United Arab Emirates is successful and pioneering in the world, and is a model to follow in terms of the achievements that have been achieved, since the countries of the world look forward to this model and they try to benefit from it and learn from it at all levels.

She added: “Societies that provide women with opportunities to participate fully in the change of the future are aware and vibrant, and call on all countries of the world to support women to participate in the race of human development to the rebirth of the peoples”.

The 2022 World Summit of Governments will discuss a wide range of urgent challenges facing the world and anticipate the future of humanity and the new decade of government action. The summit constitutes the meeting platform for more than 30 global organizations, since it welcomes in its extraordinary edition this year more than 4,000 participants from senior government officials, experts and leaders from the private sector, to explore the future of governments in more of 110 key points. dialogue and interactive sessions.

The summit sheds light on the most prominent global challenges and ways to improve government performance, how to face rapid changes, prepare for them, adapt and invest them optimally, and ensure the building of a sustainable future for future generations.

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