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PP throws irony about the changes that Sánchez is preparing, because “he is the problem” who cannot take to the streets


They stress that “even the CIS” confirms the change of cycle that Feijóo suspects against Sánchez suffering from “wear and tear” and “decomposition”.


The leaders of the PP this Tuesday, ironically, assessed the possible changes that the chairman of the board, Pedro Sánchez, is preparing as revulsion at the last stage of the legislature, since, as they emphasize, “the problem is himself”, which cannot go on outside the street

There is no trace of concern in the ranks of the PP about the possible changes that Sánchez will announce this Saturday in the Federal Committee of the PSOE after the resignation of Deputy Secretary General Adriana Lastra, which could affect both the Executive and the Federal Socialist Group.

PP officials consulted by Europa Press agree that Pedro Sánchez and his government are “very difficult to undo” no matter how many changes he wants to make in the party in order to achieve a boost in the regional and local elections next Spring.

“There is a perception of decomposition. Pedro Sánchez has a public image problem,” says a veteran “popular” leader. “A cycle change has been opened with Feijóo and it is very difficult to stop him. There is a wave of change,” adds another member of the party.


Several “popular” officials believe Feijóo must follow his roadmap, “make no mistakes” and not engage in “provocations” because that is how he is forecast to arrive in La Moncloa in just over a year.

In addition, at the headquarters of the “Popular People” they warn that the bad economic situation that is approaching the New Year, with inflation triggered, will not help his comeback in the executive of Pedro Sánchez. As they add, many citizens will again look to the PP to get out of the crisis, as in the past.

The same PP leaders also point out that “even the Sociological Research Center (CIS) poll” led by the “socialist” José Felix Tezanos already puts them above the PSOE, a fact that they say the “change from Cycle” that exists in Spain and which was confirmed just a month ago in Andalusia’s Juanma Moreno elections with an overwhelming absolute majority.

Moreover, the same sources warn that if the CIS places the PP with a margin of 1.9 points over the PSOE, this difference could be “bigger” in favor of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. In any case, in “Genoa” they are working with the idea that Sánchez will try to exhaust the legislature and even extend it to January 2024.


Since “Genoa” it has reduced the credibility of the CIS data. The Deputy Secretary for Regional and Local Coordination of the PP, Pedro Rollán, explained at a press conference – after the meeting of the party’s steering committee – that this poll “includes the electoral interest of Sánchez” and “has a lot of spice and a lot of spice has a lot of cuisine”. .

Furthermore, Rollán has pointed out that Lastra’s exit from the socialist executive and the upcoming changes in the PSOE are due to the “survival spirit” of Pedro Sánchez, who believes that he is not responsible for “the mistakes” that were committed , and it must be others who “pay for their sins.” “First he comes, then he comes, and third he comes,” he asserted.

He said that “everyone who supports him” and “trusted” him when he arrived at the PSOE General Secretariat, “is systematically falling off the political stage, in a cascade and with a domino effect, because he believes that he responsible for none of the mistakes” that “impoverish” the country and “make others pay for their sins”.


Source europapress.es

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