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PP prosecution backs Ayuso after filing investigation with his brother: ‘Time puts everyone in their place’

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Casado’s entourage remain silent while Madrid President thanks Feijóo for ‘always supporting’ them


The PP’s charges collapsed this Thursday as they expressed their support for the President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, after filing the investigation into the contracts linked to her brother and those she has been accused of with “false allegations”. had attacked, had called for apologies .. “because, as you pointed out, ‘time puts everyone in their place'”.

This problem triggered a deep internal crisis four months ago, which confronted the Madrid president with the national leadership of the PP led by Pablo Casado, whose entourage is silent and has not decided on the prosecutor’s decision for the time being.

Shortly after learning of the decision, Ayuso herself celebrated that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office opened the investigation into the emergency contract for the purchase of masks linked to her brother Tomás Díaz Ayuso, giving weight to the facts denounced by the PSOE, Podemos lends and more madrid. “This is because there is no corruption in the Community of Madrid because there has been no corruption in the Community of Madrid,” he announced.

The President of Madrid thanked the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, for “always supporting” it. “Thank you for convening the Madrid Congress. Not only for the affiliates, but also for this vote of confidence in the regional government and in me,” Ayuso later assured Feijoo on his official Twitter account, which he accompanied with a photo of their hugging.

Although Feijóo did not specifically refer to the matter this Thursday, speaking from Brussels, where he was attending the EPP summit, he pointed out that the PP emerged from the Andalusian elections “very strengthened” and that it organically won an “A Time of great excitement” after the “small internal problems” were “solved in weeks” like the presidency of the PP in Madrid with the election of Ayuso.


Numerous PP officials have used social media to express their support for Ayuso. Almería Senator and member of the Upper House table, Rafael Hernando, confirmed that “for the twentieth time unfounded claims by the left and the extreme communist left against the Autonomous Community of Madrid have been dismissed”. In his opinion, “it is desirable that the judiciary punishes the false accusers and their perpetrators resign.”

The PP deputy for Barcelona and export spokeswoman for the ethnic group in Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has also expressed her support: “I am so happy. A hug dear Isabel Díaz Ayuso,” she said on Twitter. “There was no case as it is and has always been evident,” said National MP Pilar Marcos.

Ayuso’s right-hand man in the Madrid People’s Party, Alfonso Serrano, took a firmer stance against those who attacked the Madrid president and was “proud” of his “example of courage, strength and honesty”. In his opinion, “time puts everything and everyone in their place”.

“How much rubbish is being spread, how much insidiousness, how many headlines, how many specials on TV, how many covers, how much political and media filth against a brave and honest woman,” recalled the general secretary of the PP in Madrid, who called back that “20 complaints were filed”.

For her part, Madrid’s Minister of Culture, Marta Rivera, wondered if “someone will apologize” after this file, an argument that was shared by more regional MPs of the PP, such as Miriam Bravo or Pedro Corral. “Will you apologize and apologize to Ayuso for your false accusations?” asked the first. “Hey, no apologies,” said the second.

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