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PP and ERC join junts in yet again blocking final passage of another Senate bill



The PP, the ERC, the Confederal Left Group and other parties allied themselves with the junts this Wednesday and managed to introduce three amendments to the bankruptcy law in the Senate, again preventing the intended final approval of this regulation do the government of Pedro Sánchez .

This is the third Senate bill in which an alternative majority to the government manages to introduce changes, forcing them to return them to Congress to approve those changes.

In particular, this Wednesday in the Senate, composed of PP, ERC, Izquierda Confederal and other parliamentarians from Ciudadanos and the mixed faction, Junts obtained a majority to change this bankruptcy law on three points through three amendments.

These are the 31st, 49th, 60th and 53rd amendments, which therefore change the text of the law and must be approved by Congress. However, the House of Commons is not planning any new plenary sessions until the next parliamentary course, which starts in September.

Of course, the Senate majority gave the green light to comment on the Bankruptcy Act, leaving Congress only to decide the three amendments approved by the Upper House.


The Senate facilitated this extraordinary plenary session in July to pass these bills, many of which are urgent. In fact, the government had intended to finally approve them this week without making any changes, but several amendments have prevented this.

One of those laws that must return will be “yes is yes.” The government failed to give it final approval this Tuesday after an amendment carried out by junts backed by the PP, ERC, Ciudadanos, Más Madrid and the Canarian Coalition, among others.

Senate lawyers eventually approved the approved amendment after investigating whether it had been voted in error, parliamentary sources confirmed to Europa Press. The doubts arose because the approved amendment only changes one letter in the entire text.

The amendment inserted in the text, which prevented the law from being finally adopted, is an addition to its preamble when it comes to “responding to the most covert sexual violence”. Specifically, according to the Senate amendment, Junts called for the targeted introduction of female genital mutilation, the disclosure of cases of forced abortion and sterilization.”

The plenary session of the Senate was also unable to give final approval to the project to reform the Science, Technology and Innovation Act, as one of the amendments tabled by the popular faction was accepted with yes votes by ERC, Junts, PNV, UPN and Vox.


Source europapress.es

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