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Powerful, independent and rich: Shakira’s fortune revealed and surpasses that of Pique

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Shakira and Pique They continue to give something to talk about after their separation, and it is that for several weeks they have been in the center of the press and the paparazzi.

The famous ended in the worst possible way and it is as revealed by the media, the footballer has been unfaithful to the singer.

The Colombian has been captured on different occasions looking very sad and dejected, like her children Sasha and Milanshowing how badly everyone is doing and worrying the fans.

However, Shakira is a strong, assertive and successful Dancing With Myself woman, in addition to being a financially independent woman.

And it is that some media have revealed the fortune that the singer and the footballer have, and his exceeds it by far, showing that he has nothing to envy him.

They reveal the fortune of Shakira and Pique after their separation

The way Celebrity Net Worth revealed the legacy that the two Shakira like Pique after their separation.

Colombian women has a fortune of 300 million euros, which he has collected throughout his musical career, in addition to all the mansions and properties he owns, such as the mansion of Miami of 13 million euros.

Gérard Piqué, for his part, has less assets, of 80 million euros, as well as its properties, such as three-story, five-bathroom property in central Barcelona for 4.5 million euros.

This triggered reactions in the networks, where the singer’s fans assure that she is an independent and powerful woman, who does not need a man.

“Shakira doesn’t need a man, a man needs her”, “OMG she is richer than him, Pique definitely didn’t deserve this woman”, “Shakira is a strong, powerful and rich woman” , “I want to be like Shakira when I grow up”, were some of the reactions in the networks.

Source metroecuador.com

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