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Potsdam crisis management warns of refugee overload – BZ Berlin

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The capital of the state of Brandenburg, Potsdam, wants to create more emergency shelters in view of the increasing number of refugees arriving from Ukraine.

“Geographically, we have a similar situation as in Munich in 2015,” chief of staff Brigitte Meier, head of social affairs, said on Thursday, referring to the refugee situation at the time.

“Therefore, it must be sent to the entire country as soon as possible,” he demanded. So far, the federal government has not deemed this necessary.

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In the biosphere greenhouse, a tropical ward, there are currently 60 beds, managing director Sebastian Leifgen said. If necessary, a capacity of up to 150 folding beds is possible. All refugees arriving in Potsdam must first register there and then be sent if necessary.

Other locations for emergency shelters in the city are currently being explored, Meier said. Among them is a leisure meeting. Those who want to stay and have a roof over their heads are registered at a reception center in the city center.

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