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Potential figure of return in V and Bankinter

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Bankinter Headquarters

The price of bench between It opened with a bearish gap on MAR 7, falling to the key support level of 3,994 euros per share, from where it got a positive reaction by forming a moving man-like candle with an elongated lower shadow.

The value is describing a potential V-shaped figure indicated in blue, which would be validated if it exceeded, on a daily close, the resistance of 5,186 euros per share, and could cause a market floor to resume the structure of minimums and maximums rising background.

The 200-period simple moving average has a positive slope and represents the first important support level, together with the upward gap of 4,310 euros per share. The following Key Sport area is worth 4,138 euros / 3,994 euros.

The trading volume registers a peak after breaking the annual highs at 5,184 euros, and subsequently lost another rally in VOLUME on MAR 7 after the downward gap, where it found support at the key level of 3,994 euros per share, which is a good indicator of a potential recovery of the main trend, in the event of being able to validate the V-turn by exceeding 5,186 euros on a daily close.

The MACD oscillator starts to turn from the oversold zone. Breaking above the 0 level represents a new uptrend signal.

Bankinter on daily chart with average amplitude range (upper central window), MACD (lower central window) and trading volume (lower window)

Bankinter in daily chart with medium and long-term analysis template.

Bankinter in a daily graphic with a medium and long-term analysis template.

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