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Poor sleep can lead to social isolation

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Often bad faces in the workplace are accompanied by the phrase “I slept very badly”. One of the fundamental medical laws to preserve physical and mental health is to be able to sleep properly, for this reason specialists recommend doing it eight hours a night and, if possible, a short rest in the siesta.

Not getting enough hours of sleep makes people “more lonely and less prone to social interaction” and at the same time less socially attractive to others, according to a study conducted by the University of California (UC) Berkeley, USA .

“Man is a social species. However, lack of sleep can turn us into social lepers,” says Matthew Walker, professor of psychology and neuroscience at UC Berkeley.

To research

The data was reflected and published in Nature Communications, which reports that not only do people with sleep disorders tend to have relationship problems, but they are also quintessential transmitters of negative sensations in their environment.

The study collected the neural responses of 20 young people after a normal night’s sleep compared to those after a night with little rest. The experiment included video playbacks of people with neutral expressions walking towards them and being asked to stop the footage when they felt too close.

The sleep-deprived people kept the subjects in the video 18% to 60% further apart than participants who had slept 7 to 9 hours.


The report found that “increased activity in neural circuits known as the ‘Near Space Network’, which is activated when the brain perceives potential human threats. Additionally, another brain circuit that stimulates social interaction, the “theory of mind network”, was blocked by lack of sleep, compounding the problem”.

The researchers recorded the favorable evolution of the sociability of the adults when they rested sufficiently, whereas the problem was aggravated by the repetition of a few hours of sleep.

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