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Podemos distances himself from ‘medieval’ swearing-in of Princess Leonor and encourages PSOE to open debate on Republic


He urges Felipe VI to make himself available for elections to see if he has “another option” than the king emeritus and his “corrupt”


Standing out from the constitutional oath Princess Leonor must take when she comes of age in 2023, a ceremony she likens to “medieval oaths”, Podemos has insisted on the need to open the republic’s debate with the head of state can be elected democratically.

According to the coalition government’s minority partner, this debate should be opened “sooner rather than later” and in this scenario calls for Felipe VI. or his heir to stand for election.

This was hinted at during an interview with Europa Press by Institutional Action secretary and Podemos co-spokeswoman María Teresa Pérez, who believes the “Republican Horizon” is “closer than ever”.

Asked if there will be time during this legislature to celebrate that pledge of allegiance to the constitution that marks the Magna Carta itself, before the courts are dissolved in 2023, as the princess will come of age in October, Pérez said “more than medieval oaths”, which they hope that “one day the head of state can be elected.

“And on that day, Leonor will have every right to stand for election and become head of state if the citizens choose her,” Pérez riveted, later adding that Podemos is a republican formation that treats the monarchy as an “anachronistic institution.” understand that “it should not interfere in political times and affairs”.


Regarding the situation of the monarchy after two years since the departure of the king emeritus Juan Carlos I from the country, the leader of the purple formation has suggested that Felipe VI. to put up for election so that citizens can judge whether it is “another option” his father and “finally forgive all these corruptions” that “discredited Spain”.

“We think that sooner rather than later we should open this debate as a country and ask ourselves whether we really want a completely anachronistic institution as national representation, and I would also say not very useful,” stressed the director of Injuve.

Regarding the question of whether the heir to the throne should also do military service like the current monarch, Pérez pointed out that this activity was “no longer compulsory in Spain” and that the princess herself “not just represent something new”, but “should really set an example”. wants to take another step towards deepening democracy with the candidacy”.

And it’s clear that society’s vision, especially in its youth, is linked to republican values ​​that are “radically democratic, feminist and environmentally conscious,” as seen in the 8M and the climate demonstrations.


On the other hand, he has defended that it is time to deal with the reform of the crime of sedition in order to promote the dejustification of the conflict in Catalonia, and contrary to what has been expressed by the PSOE and the President himself , he has claimed that dialogue is possible to build a parliamentary majority to approve it. With that in mind, he predicted that “yes, they will call the numbers”.

He has also reiterated that his position on Catalonia is clear and that they would always “support a referendum” but would always insist on the need for dialogue and consensus building in the face of a judicialization of politics that is causing “tremendous damage”. have.


Source europapress.es

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