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Plastic Surgery Fanatic Spends Over $47,000 To Look Like Pamela Anderson And You Won’t Believe The Results

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a fan of Pamela Anderson She’s spent over $47,000 on plastic surgery to look like her favorite star, however, it looks like she’s also become a surgeries enthusiast.

The woman in question is called Georgina Epitropou and lives in Crawley, West Sussex, England. He started with aesthetic treatments when he was 30 and hasn’t stopped since.

“My idol is Pam Anderson. I’ve been obsessed with her look since I first saw her on Baywatch and always knew there was a specific look I wanted to achieve when I started my transformation in 2015,” the 39-year-old said. .

In 2017, her breasts were operated on for the first time, to enlarge them, then she underwent liposuction, lifted her buttocks Brazilian style, filled in and applied Botox.

In addition, she spends around 96 euros per month for the maintenance of her nails and around 477 euros for makeup.

But the wife didn’t stop there, she wanted bigger boobs

Georgina Epitropou says she loves having blonde hair, big tits, a small waist and a huge ass. But she wanted to look better, she didn’t want to look like others, she wanted to stand out, so she decided to enlarge her breasts much more.

“I always knew I wanted them to be bigger. I was only able to get a certain size in the UK,” Georgina shared, adding: “So I had the rest of my operations abroad because they are more open-minded. I couldn’t have gotten the look I wanted in this country.”

So, between overseas trips and cosmetic surgery costs, she spent over $47,000 to look like your favorite Hollywood star, Pamela Anderson, in addition to feeling more confident with herself before reach 40 years.

Source metroecuador.com

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