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Photos That Confirm Regé-Jean Page and Jonathan Bailey Are ‘Bridgerton’ Leading Men

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Two of the gallants of ‘Bridgerton’ for which all have sighed hitherto have been, without a doubt, Rege-Jean Page and Jonathan Bailey. Their mere presence makes those who admire their beauty and attractiveness delirious with which they have also won a large number of admirers around the world for their impeccable talent shown in this production.

And it is that the two they managed to capture everyone’s attention inside and outside the recording set in which their empathy, their friendship and their so special bond that they obtained thanks to the dramatization of their characters are demonstrated. And although the famous Duke of Hastings unexpectedly said goodbye to this production, he left an important legacy in this series in which many want him to return, but all that has been abandoned by this handsome actor.

So after his appearance in the traditional Giorgio Armani fashion show after Milan Fashion Weekmade so much noise because, Regé did not hesitate to clarify that although he is very grateful for this plot, it is not an option for him to return, as he still has a tight schedule of projects.

Regé-Jean Page and Jonathan Bailey are the gallants of ‘Bridgerton’ and they showed it when they met

During this very colorful and crowded fashion event Regé-Jean Page in Jonathan Bailey aroused the interest of his followers who immediately thought that this meeting was due to a possible return of the duke in the series ‘Bridgerton’but the reality is that it was a simple coincidence in which the two stars did not hesitate to greet each other and share this moment when they remembered the best moments of their work in the period series romantic.

here they showed their beauty, their attractiveness y no hubo quien no quisiera fotografiarse junto con ellos, pues además de ser los galanes del momento, son quienes han despertado el interés por ver esta trama en la que el amor es el principal protagonist, pese a todas las diferencias que puedan existir entre las social classes.

With their naturalness and their “street style”, these stars also showed that they appreciated their notoriety, their recognition and the trend through their very casual looks, but with which they demonstrated their elegance in all the situations or events they attended. . We let his good mood shine through a casual suit jacket in navy blue which he combined with a black basic that he knew how to contrast well with his brown tennis shoes. While Bailey who looked more casual wearing a striped shirt and matching shorts and sneakers.

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