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Photos of Jada Karabas’ outfit delight fans, but one small detail stands out

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Jada Karabas
Her outfit photos delight fans, but a small detail stands out

Jada Karabas

© instagram.com/jadakrbs

Jada Karabas is making her mark on Instagram. Daniela Büchner’s daughter already has nearly 35,000 subscribers – and the trend is on the rise. Her latest post shows that she still needs a bit of tutoring in terms of styling and posing.

Jada Karabas, 16, grew up in front of television viewers, today she is in the spotlight herself and has made a name for herself on the internet. Again and again, she inspires her Instagram followers with beautiful portraits, selfies, outfit photos and videos. But she should have reviewed her latest photos before posting them.

Jada Karabas has a sympathetic style problem

In her new photos, the 16-year-old can be seen standing in front of a window. She poses, laughs and apparently wants to present her outfit. She wears leather shorts and a strapless top. She has her hair half tied back, nonchalantly throwing her head back and holding onto the window frame. At first glance, two beautiful photos that have something artistic in their black and white aesthetics. At second glance, however, there is a small detail that makes you smile. The price tag is still on the top the teenager is wearing. It hangs down the back, almost to the pants. Followers are also noticing this. “The price tag on the back is kinda cute,” wrote one follower. But in addition to the small misstep, the 16-year-old’s fans are excited about the recordings.

“Pretty Jada”

Many comment with flame emojis, some even send hearts to Jada. “Dream woman”, we find. “On my way to finding my own happiness,” Jada writes of the photos. And it looks like she’s already taken the right one. Her short video from a few days ago, which shows her smiling and with lots of freckles on her face, was well received by followers. The 16-year-old dreams of being a model. And it looks like that dream could soon come true.


Source www.gala.de

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