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Photo from Mariupol went around the world: Pregnant and unborn die after attack on maternity clinic – Panorama – Society

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Images from Mariupol went around the world: Paramedics carry a pregnant woman through the rubble of a maternity hospital in the eastern Ukrainian port city. Both died trying to save the unborn baby, the Associated Press reported Monday.

Last Wednesday, Russia attacked the clinic in the besieged city. The images showed patients and rescuers among the rubble of the facility. The image of the pregnant woman stood out. AP photographers captured the pale-faced woman being carried to an ambulance, rubbing her abdomen.

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In a hospital, doctors fought for the life of the woman and her son, the news agency reports. In vain. When the pregnant woman realized that she was losing her baby, she yelled at the doctors: “Kill me now!”

Surgeon Timur Marin was only able to deliver the stillborn baby. He then he tried to save his mother’s life. “More than 30 minutes of resuscitation of the mother did not give results,” Marin told the news agency on Saturday. They both died.

Doctors were unable to learn the woman’s name before her husband and father collected the body. “At least someone came to pick her up,” the news agency’s doctors told the news outlet, lest she end up in the mass graves being dug for many of the Mariupol bodies.

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Meanwhile, the Russian government claims that there were no patients or medical personnel inside the building when the maternity hospital was attacked.

Rather, the building was used by Ukrainian nationalists as a base. Moscow describes the Ukrainian account as a “provocation”. The Russian embassy in Britain called the footage “fake” on Twitter and denied the airstrike. The social network has since removed the post from the Russian diplomatic mission.

The city administration reports more than 2,500 dead civilians

According to Ukrainian sources, more than 2,500 residents have died in the city so far. This was announced by the adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Olexii Arestovych, in a television interview. Arestovych says that he refers to information provided by the Mariupol city administration. City officials estimate that as many as 10,000 may have died.

The port city of Mariupol, which has about 400,000 inhabitants, has been surrounded by Russian troops for days and is being attacked from the air. Escape corridors and aid deliveries have failed repeatedly in recent days. According to the Ukrainian government, pro-Russian separatists have already entered the suburbs. (with agencies)

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