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“Personal insults and propaganda”: ​​​​That is why Marietta Slomka dispenses with social networks

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His account is not found on sites like Facebook and Instagram: “Today nothing is sent anymore, tolerance for error has decreased,” Marietta Slomka explained in an interview. (Image: 2019 Franziska Krug/Getty Images)

Marietta Slomka deliberately refrains from appearing on social media. In an interview, the ZDF journalist revealed why she stays away from platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

As a ZDF journalist and moderator of the “heute journal”, Marietta Slomka has been in the public eye for many years. However, unlike many of her colleagues, the experienced political journalist refrains from appearing on social media. In an interview with Deutsche Bahn’s customer magazine “DB MOBIL”, Slomka has now explained the reason for her online withdrawal from her: “Today nothing is sent anymore, error tolerance has decreased.” It is always “discussed, questioned and commented on,” the 52-year-old said.

At the beginning of his career, “evil letters from viewers” came here and there, but the criticism was harmless compared to today. “Today we are a projection screen for people who want to let off steam or use us for their political and ideological ends,” Slomka explained. A social media account would only fuel this dynamic, as the Cologne native reported: “This gives others a very big stage, also for personal insults and propaganda. This goes hand in hand with the pressure to constantly communicate in a personal way. active and at the same time. in my professional role just so I don’t make mistakes.

“I’m not asking as a private person”

For this reason, Slomka is not so sure whether, from today’s perspective, she would advise young professionals to enter the television industry. “If I were to switch back to this public job today as a very young editor, I would have a few more worries than I did 20 years ago,” the newscaster said. However, her work is very important to her. The fact that she, of all people, as a person in need of harmony, has to have arguments regularly, is not a contradiction to her: “I’m not asking as a private person.”

Marietta Slomka, moderator of the “heute journal” since 2001, is known for her straightforward style. “She conducted the confrontational interviews in a sociopolitical role,” she emphasizes. Her program is also a “no comfort zone” for political professionals. “When I ask questions, as a journalist I tend to take the opposite role. But not everyone understands that those are not my personal opinions.”

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