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“People see Corona as less bad at the moment”

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According to psychologist Cornelia Betsch, the war in Ukraine is not the reason why many people currently perceive Corona as less of a threat. “Currently, people perceive a higher risk from war than from Corona,” said the Erfurt health communication professor of the German Press Agency. The fact that Corona risk perception is falling is not because the war is attracting attention, “but because people think that Corona is less bad at the moment.”

Betsch also referred to data from the Cosmo study on corona risk behavior, which she has been conducting with colleagues for two years. Every few weeks, she questions 1,000 randomly selected adults about current topics related to the pandemic.

Quite the opposite of everything clear: more than half of the PCR tests that are currently being carried out are positive. This is the highest positive rate…Photo: Waltraud Grubitzsch/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa

It can be clearly seen that given the high number of cases, people tend to assume that they will get infected. But they would be less afraid of him. “We clearly see that the soft course narrative prevails.” In addition, there were discussions of political loosening in recent weeks, which likely contributed to the perceived loosening.

Not trained to take personal responsibility.

It can be assumed that with the abolition of the mask requirement, significantly fewer masks will be seen in public spaces in the future, Betsch said. “You always have the problem of stigma. If you continue to wear a mask, you also communicate something about yourself, for example that you have Corona or that you are particularly vulnerable. » People would have gotten used to duty by now. “And now we are not trained to trust personal responsibility and there is also a lack of communication.”

With a view to the discussions on compulsory vaccination, Betsch, who is also part of the Federal Government’s Council of Experts, said: “The willingness to vaccinate has now reached a ceiling. And it got there sooner than many expected.” You move in a corridor of 60 to 80 percent of the people. If you need more than this percentage, politicians can hardly avoid a blanket obligation. (dpa)

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