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Pentagon Says Putin Likely to Threaten to Use Nukes

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A recent analysis by the Defense Intelligence Agency of the US Department of Defense found that Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to threaten to use nuclear weapons against the West if fierce Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion continues. of the country, which will lead to a drain on the strength and equipment of the Russian army.
“Prolonged occupation of parts of Ukrainian territory threatens to drain Russia’s military manpower and reduce its stockpile of modern weapons, while potentially prompting economic sanctions,” the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency told Congress, Lt. Gen. Scott Perrier, in the 67-page document. global threat analysis Russia has been plunged into a prolonged economic depression and diplomatic isolation.

In his testimony during a hearing before the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday, Perrier added that Ukraine’s challenge and economic sanctions would threaten Russia’s ability to produce modern precision-guided munitions.

He added that this war and its aftermath are slowly weakening Russia’s conventional power, noting that Russia is likely to rely heavily on nuclear deterrence to signal the West and show its strength at home and abroad.

And the Bloomberg agency points out that this assessment, which presents a gloomy picture of the outcome of the war between Russia and Ukraine, comes on the eve of a phone call between US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping.

Bloomberg notes that as US officials try to understand China’s position on the war in Ukraine, President Biden will seek help from his Chinese counterpart to increase pressure on Russia to stop the war.

President Putin is reported to have declared his country’s nuclear arsenal to be on high alert.

The Russian embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to Bloomberg’s request for comment on the study.


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