Pedro Sánchez hugs Patxi López on the 13th at a time of the nation’s debate in Congress.Luis Sevillano (THE COUNTRY)

The name on everyone’s lips once again in the PSOE is Patxi López, the exlehendakari. And not because most socialist leaders know next to nothing about the changes their leader Pedro Sánchez will vote on Saturday in the party executive during the urgently convened Federal Committee, the highest interconventional body. López is a benchmark of certain values. An antidote to tendencies toward internal divisions. It was a rival in the primaries where Sánchez defeated Susana Díaz and López in 2017 and now it can be a solution. What almost everyone agrees for the new socialist executive are “safe values” and “recognizable” to society and the fundamentals, with “authority and legitimacy” to bolster Sánchez, the party body and his government in the face of the complicated election year ahead.

Autumn will be not only economically “complex” in terms of growth forecasts and inflation due to the crisis in Ukraine. The new political course is now on the up, with the PSOE in another of its cyclothymic periods, after three consecutive defeats in regional elections, and with the last CIS recognizing that Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s PP could win the next elections (it is already lying two dots above). Popular Juan Manuel Moreno’s victory in Andalusia was not just another painful defeat. It was a “wake-up call” that a member of the government interpreted as follows: “It is obvious that this campaign was not well directed, neither by the party there nor by the federal executive board, which at least suffered from a lack of driving and the president has his ears seen of the wolf”.

The PSOE general secretary knows his party well and is aware that the crisis he created a year ago – when he suddenly sacked his chief of staff and election guru Iván Redondo; the first and political vice-president, Carmen Calvo; and the Minister of Transport and Organization Secretary José Luis Ábalos – did not work as expected. Sánchez then appointed as the isotonic squadron, a group of ministers, women, young people and veteran municipal-level mayors to reflect on the future of regional and local elections. But these strategies seem to require more time. This activation was barely noticed, as most PSOEs recognize.

The president now appears to be looking for something else, according to venture components of the executive branch, regional barons and various PSOE spokespeople, all asking for anonymity, these days before the federal committee. Some members of the PSOE have spoken to Sánchez these days, for different reasons, and he didn’t expect anything. He told some that he wanted to organize the federal committee on Saturday to decide the replacement of Adriana Lastra as deputy general secretary of the PSOE, which is the only position that requires the convening of the aforementioned body. as set out in Article 26.6 of its Articles of Association. To change the Speaker of Parliament, which is one of the recurring conjectures these weeks, all that is needed is to call an executive session.

The PSOE concludes that if Sánchez wants to convene the entire federal committee, it is because he is pursuing more than filling the post of Lastra, who surprisingly announced his resignation on Monday for personal reasons. Lastra confirmed this situation to the president over the weekend and Sánchez confirmed that he could take this opportunity to make some changes that he had had in mind for a long time.

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After learning of Lastra’s departure due to the party’s official statement and the committee’s summons upon leaving the weekly cabinet meeting in La Moncloa, PSOE leaders and ministers began to ponder how far the president will be willing to go on Saturday. If Sánchez wanted to depose just one speaker of Parliament, he wouldn’t have to convene the party’s highest body between congresses. If I only thought about promoting the current organization secretary Santos Cerdán to Lastra’s position, I wouldn’t do it either. “It’s obvious he wants something more,” agree up to half a dozen key members of the PSOE surveyed.

And then the name and profile of Patxi López reappear. Not because the President foresaw something, but through indirect signals. During the recent State of the Union debate, when popular speaker Cuca Gamarra insisted on saving the ETA and terrorism embers, Sánchez responded harshly and then went to her seat and went to the fourth row to hug Lopez. The photo did not go unnoticed. The next day, the PSOE decided that López would be the one to appear in his usual impassioned tone to respond to the opposition’s attacks on the Democratic Memory Law.

A component of the executive assured: “The president is fed up with the internal struggles, now he will want to bet on people who do not create doubts, who do not have to be asked who they are, who regain focus, for safe values ​​​​for the complicated moments Coming from people already settled who need to call Guillermo Fernández Vara, Emiliano García-Page or Adrián Barbón (autonomous presidents of Extremadura, Castile-La Mancha and Asturias) when they need to call, pick up the phone and get on board. that you have authority Y Potestas. And that the party will be emphasized again from September 1st for the next election campaigns. And then the names of other key speakers for the PSOE ring out who could take on new roles on the executive branch or the future electoral committee, such as Óscar López and Antonio Hernando, who now sit in the President’s cabinet at La Moncloa and were part of the a team, that once supported José Blanco, or even Rafael Simancas, now Secretary of State for Relations with the Courts and a historic member of the PSOE in Madrid.

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